Best Place to Live in USA Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-18
Best Place to Live in USA Essay Sample
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Dream places to live

The California dream envisions a great future for all the residents of California, whether born in the state or from a different state but residing in California. The dream describes California as a place with prosperity and abundance in terms of resources. The uniqueness of the California dream is that it captures the ideas of the Californian residents and transforms them into a plan. Additionally, the dream covers all aspects of their life from the social life to the economic and political. Accomplishing the California dream is a task that requires Californians to participate in fully with considerations that their political choices have an impact on the progress with the California dream.

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Foreigners have seen and noted with a great concern that California is a different state where individuals come together during crises but in normal times are segregated according to different political lines and social lines. This is contrary to the California dream and individuals should seek to promote social integration. In this regard, it is important for the society to accept the diversity among the people and use the diversity to achieve the California dream. Diversity is a great factor in California due to the good economy with good jobs which attract individuals from different backgrounds. Therefore, diversity is inevitable in California and embracing it is the only way that the state can achieve the dream.

The California dream is not for the politicians to accomplish but for the entire society. However, in most scenarios, politicians have been blamed for failing to push the society towards achieving the California dream. Everybody should understand that achieving this dream is an integral part of his or her daily activities. Currently, California is the Information Technology hub of the world as it is home to Google and Silicon Valley. These are key competitive factors that indicate the ability of Californians to achieve the California dream. Therefore, the California dream is for me and you to achieve not the politicians.

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