Free Essay with an Article Review on Ernest Boesch's First Experiences in Thailand

Published: 2019-06-19
Free Essay with an Article Review on Ernest Boesch's First Experiences in Thailand
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Ernest Boesch in his article on his first fascinating experiences in the country of Thailand explains the different and unique aspects he had to encounter. Generally, people tend to travel to different places in the world due to varying reasons. It may be in search for adventure, leisure or even job assignments. He however, tries to explain the difficulties that people face in trying to understand other peoples culture. The article further explains that humans tend to underestimate the above challenges and assume that everything is just normal. It is not the eye-catching appearances that are essential in understanding new cultures but the meanings that are not conspicuous.

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Ernest gives further details on the experiences he had to deal with on his first ever visit to Thailand. On the first visit the author had difficulties in coming to terms with the strange noises of creatures like frogs, geckos and mosquitoes. He kept on imagining about the prior warnings and tales he had been given by previous visitors concerning spiders, snakes and other threats. However, after some time, he was able to identify the sounds emanating from the various creatures. He concludes that people feel safe in a world that meets their expectation and therefore will always tend to reduce new occurrences.

The author explains the psychological impacts of the first ever experience of a new culture. Most people often find themselves torn between tendencies in such situations. First, they want change plus excitement and on the other hand they want security and stability. He further states that exploration and curiosity are the main driving forces of change whereas rejection is the main force towards stability. The author goes further to explain on the thrilling smile of Thailand citizens. He is astonished when he compares it to the western culture where people rarely smile to strangers.

Positive/negative reaction

The writer explains that some people only discover the negative traits of their new surroundings. Such negative reactions are very useful since they help one prepare for future possible dangers in case of a recurrence. The reactions also increase a persons coping potential in different circumstances and situations. Positive reactions like the unique smiles of Thailand citizens are one of the important reactions in new cultures. Such reactions help a person assimilate the new culture gradually into their minds. Therefore coping with the culture becomes easy.

Culture self-awareness summary

The author specifies several aspects that one can apply in order to improve personal cultural knowledge. He states that forces of destiny are the ones that rule human life. Being conversant with the rules is far much better than observing traffic rules. It is also advantageous to lack trust in easy and direct explanations. It is the major condition for preventing strange cultures from becoming a horrifying experience. The two aspects will help one cope with new experiences that people undergo when touring or visiting new nations and places.


The above article review has evaluated the article of Ernest and it is a proof that the author did not show any bias when formulating the article. He has clearly argued out his case with very neat supporting details. The information used is also from credible sources and hence the article is an educative one. Finally, further research needs to be done on the psychological impacts of new culture on the actions of people and in their minds.

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