Essay Sample: Ethical Issues in Social Media of Domino's Pizza Case

Published: 2022-11-15
Essay Sample: Ethical Issues in Social Media of Domino's Pizza Case
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It is apparent that social media is perceived as a pretty positive aspect amongst society. However, it is essential to comprehend that many people and business organizations often forget ethical considerations behind the use of social media in their marketing strategies. Remarkably, the vast opportunities and ongoing opportunities of social media have stimulated numerous ethical challenges. Focusing on the misuse of social media will help to understand the incident of Domino's Pizza regarding the issue.

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The Domino pizza incident of misuse of social media entails two workers who upload the company's video that involves workers contaminating food on an undisclosed store. When the corporate communication manager of the company viewed the videos, he knew that I would substantially harm the company's brand as well as putting it in a severe legal risk ("Domino's Delivers During Crisis: The Company's Step-by-Step Response After a Vulgar Video Goes Viral," 2019). The people involved include female employees wearing the company's uniform involving contaminating food in the store. The video implies that the contaminated food will be supplied in the market soon to unsuspected customers. With rapid competition in the Quick service Industry Sector (QSR), businesses are based on repeat purchase and volume. There are no customers in Domino Pizza accounting for more than 10% of its sales. Therefore, if the consumers perceive the issue, the company would be significantly be affected on product quality, convenience, service, and price, hence business failure in the future.

Based on the situational Crisis communication Theory presented in Workshop Two, Domino's Pizza is one of the organizations that went viral on social media. The incident involved videos featuring the firm workers contaminating food in a store that was unidentified and posted on YouTube, an event that decreased the quality of its customers ("Domino's Pizza - Investors - A Powerful, Global Brand," 2019). Fortunately, the company responded to the issue rapidly through notifying its corporate headquarters immediately the videos were found to protect is brand's image. The appropriateness of the company to return to the crisis was effective because the management has implemented a team for handling public relations. The company's Corporate Communication Team played a substantial role by matching tactical crisis reactions based on the levels of the reputational threat and crisis responsibility presented. The team responded fast to rebuild their public relations with customers.


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