Essay Example. Type of Organization and How It Serves a Customer

Published: 2023-04-10
Essay Example. Type of Organization and How It Serves a Customer
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Conspicuously, in regard to the event of organization consideration, I choose the New Dawn Bank. New Dawn Bank deals with currency, credit, and other assorted monetary dealings. Remarkably, a bank offers a secure location to restore additional capital and credit (Wuyts, Rindfleisch, & Citrin, 2015). The services that New Dawn Bank provides include the following;

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  • Savings accounts
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Checking accounts

Conversely, New Dawn Bank utilizes these manifold deposits to generate diverse kinds of loans. Precisely, these loans entail home mortgages, commercial loans, and vehicle loans. Remarkably, the field of banking happens to be one of the imperative facilitators of any jurisdiction's financial system (Wuyts et al., 2015). The reason for this is that it guarantees the liquidity demanded for households and commercials to devote to the prospect.

Regarding the aspect of responsibilities assigned to all the 100 front-line employees, New Dawn Bank is divided into various diverse sections. Specifically, departments include the following;

  • Retail banking
  • Loan servicing
  • Wealth management
  • Investment banking
  • Deposit operations
  • Wire transfer operations
  • Cash management
  • Electronic banking
  • Commercial banking
  • Mortgage banking

Notably, in New Dawn Bank, tellers, loan officials, and client service administrators labor in the department of retail banking. Besides, they offer assistance to clients with savings and assessing accounts, individual credit, and mortgages. Regarding the credit servicing personnel, they deal with personal and commercial loan expenditures and assortments. Also, wealth administration experts offer assistance to the bank's clients with fiscal scheduling (Wuyts et al., 2015).

Moving further, the deposit procedures administrators deal with the events of setting up accounts and sustaining duties. In contrast, the wire conveyers' operatives make it sure that paperless, automated account connections are sufficiently processed. Besides, the cash administration section ensures that the bank has adequate liquid possessions to cater for the premeditated compulsions (Wuyts et al., 2015). Remarkably, the bank's electronic banking section is accountable for the setting up and sustenance of the bank's electronic fiscal dealings. Several employees in this department happen to be computer hacking experts who safeguard the bank's catalog from illegal access by illicit individuals or systems (Wuyts et al., 2015).

Determination of the Need for Training

Markedly, the demand for training, it was determined through the utilization of a needs assessment model. Conspicuously, a needs assessment model illustrates the important events that a particular organization ought to undertake and how the organization ought to close the gap that has been identified. Apparently, in a busy organization, there exist multiple operations being made; hence it is quite problematic to pin down precisely the aspects that may perhaps be holding the organization back (Deci, Olafsen, & Ryan, 2017). In regards to New Dawn Bank, numerous elements were put into consideration for the demand to arrive at efficiently. Some of the factors put into account included; the outer environment in which the organization exists, how the organization relates to the external surrounding, the organization's potency, and flaws (Deci et al., 2017). Besides, these factors followed the following standard steps involved in the process of needs assessment modeling;

Initiation- Initiation commenced by discovering the limiting aspects of the need assessment scheme, the organization subjected to analysis, and the stakeholders.

Data Collection & Analysis- Consequently, this phase came after the initiation stage. For the duration of this stage, there were two categories of analysis undertaken. One is known as the Political, Economic, Social, and Technological (PEST) analysis and the other one Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis. PEST analysis happened initially, and it examined the macro-level aspects that constituted the environment that New Dawn Bank exists in. The investigation came first since it occurs from the most comprehensive vantage position, and it often offers assistance in the identification of obstacles in the surrounding.

Final Product This phase is inclusive of an outline of the results and a final report that entails all proposals.

Selection and Presentation of the Training Content

The event of selecting and presenting the training content is quite vital. In essence, this is the most significant element to put into consideration for the reason that it will offer assistance in the determination of whether the 100 frontline employees will obtain the appropriate indulgence from the training engagements (Deci et al., 2017). Having put that across, the following aspects are to be utilized in the process of selecting the training content;

  • Significance of the content- Specifically, the subject content ought to offer some aspect of future relevance if it is selected and well-thought-out. Notably, significant content widens the three spheres of the learning process to be precise the cognitive, sentimental and psychomotor abilities
  • The validity of the content- refers to the genuineness of the subject content chosen. It is reasonably imperative to make it certain that the topics are not archaic.
  • The learning aptitude of the content- Content ought to be inside the schema of the employees. Besides, it should be within their experiences

Notably, the event of presenting the learning content is very momentous. Besides, it offers an appropriate platform for the learner to obtain sufficient indulgence regarding a particular subject of implication (Deci et al., 2017). In regard to this training, the content presentation will be undertaken based on the following two techniques;

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Illustrations on the basis of a model
  • Technology Needs and Usage

Currently, the aspect of technology is quite imperative. The numerous advanced technologies are playing a momentous role in the facilitation process of employee training at present. Particularly, through the event of prompting fresh techniques of learning, these technologies have considerably improved employee learning aptitudes and made the experience of learning to a certain extent, appealing.

Apparently, in the event of training, there ought to be the utilization of numerous advanced technologies to ease the mode of learning. The training process will mainly utilize the aspect of augmented reality (AR), which guarantees an enormous, directed training stage in a seemingly digital environment (Deci et al., 2017). Augmented reality entails the superimposing of digital and relative subjects on a certain physical background. The element mainly offers assistance to employees prompting them to pursue all along through a step-by-step tutorial that directs them. Based on this context, an employee from the retail banking section will directly be able to learn about the various operations in their departments with the aid of AR on the machinery (Deci et al., 2017). Besides, that employee has the aptitude of concurrently communicate with a distant expert who has the appropriate indulgence to offer eminent recommendations. Augmented reality converts virtual training to life with elements such as videos, photos, and audio, offering the employees a new technique of learning and visualizing concepts at the same time nurturing teamwork (Deci et al., 2017). Besides, the utilization of effortless and standard internet access on both computers and mobile devices will prompt employees to slot themselves in the activities of training fittingly

Training Site Selection and Its Contribution

In regards to the training site, I found it appropriate to select a training site in Canada. Notably, Canada is one of the jurisdictions overseas. In regards to the research conducted by the World Economic Forum; the country tends to have the most eminent system of banking.

Additionally, the core rationale for this factor happens to be concrete funding and conventional client lending. Canadian banks tend to be reasonably firm in their guiding principles in regard to crediting in comparison to other global banks (Deci et al., 2017). Remarkably, in concerns to the Canadian banking administrator, the banks can loan up to twenty times their assets base. It is essential to appreciate that this site will offer a conducive environment whereby employees can obtain appropriate indulgence in regard to the banking industry (Deci et al., 2017).

Determination for Selection of Presenter(S) and Size of the Training Session

The event of identifying professional speaker (s) happens to be very problematic for numerous organizations. Additionally, in regards to the selection procedures, event planners may use either indenture unswervingly with an expert speaker or depend on the proficiency of a speaker's agency (Stamarski, Hing, & Leanne, 2015). It is quite essential to note that successful training programs often recognize their speakers at an early stage in the process of planning. It happens to be much easier to identify the unsurpassed speakers by preparing at 6-12 months before the training occasion (Stamarski et al., 2015). Regarding the determination of the presenters' selection process, the following steps were put into enormous consideration by the event planners, and they were also included in the preliminary internal checklist;

  • Determination of the meeting scheduling
  • Realization of the audience
  • Consignation of the meeting objective
  • Definition of the speaker expectations
  • Scaling of success

Moreover, the aspect of the training session size was also put into consideration. Notably, the element of optimal class size happens to be a huge challenge to tackle whenever there is the event of planning for a planning session (Stamarski et al., 2015). Regardless of internal or external training at a particular organization, it is quite problematic to determine which class size is latent of obtaining the most relevant results.

Regarding the size of the training session, I suppose that the groups be subdivided into groups of 20 employees. The reason for this is that smaller units will be more comfortable to manage and there will be more engagements between the presenters and employees. Additionally, in regards to the training event, I deem the utilization of a request for proposal not essential (Stamarski et al., 2015). Remarkably, the major rationale of a request for a proposal is to induce the employees of the worth of an individual's presentation and also, their competence. An individual is expected to provide evidence for this.

Selection of a Room Design

The aspect of room designation is moderately significant for the reason that it plays an enormous role in determining the outcomes of the training event (Mei, 2014). It is quite significant that the following room designs be put into consideration;

  • The training room space- The space of training must be huge enough to provide accommodation to the projected number of employees contentedly.
  • Room temperature- It is a vital aspect of the efficiency of any training program since the temperature conditions inside the training room affect the mind's capacity to focus.

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