Two Mummies and a Daddy - Essay Sample on Polyamory and Polygamy

Published: 2019-06-19
Two Mummies and a Daddy - Essay Sample on Polyamory and Polygamy
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Elizabeth Marquardt in her article examines the emerging discussion on polyamory and polygamy. The debut of the series Big Love on HBO sets a platform for the discussion. Various articles and interviews from mainstream media are quoted with pro-polygamy agendas. The discussion on polygamy is further encouraged by the progression of the gay rights movement. Supporters of polygamy and polyamory argue that if a child can have two dads or two mums, then they can as well have two dads and a mum or two mums and a dad. The article is interesting due to the cultural agenda involved that arouses need for discussion.

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An interesting cultural observation is the connotations that are associated with polygamy in the current legal world. The aspect of polygamy has been linked with negative attributes that make it difficult to proceed with discourse on it. The current moral, cultural, ethical and legal setting has seen a lot of progress from what it was in previous tears. The perspectives have changed for many topics. Lawmakers and opinion makers have changed their stance on many issues due to the change in thinking over the years. As observed in the article, the view of the traditional marriage as a sexual relationship between two partners is greatly hindering the advancement of polygamy and polyamory. However, scholars argue the that the negative connotations of polygamy possibly arise from the stigma associated with it. It would be interesting to observe whether the perceptions associated with polygamy would change if it was legally accepted. Presently, it is carried out amid a lot of judgment and not recognized by the law. Scholars argue with changes in the law, it is possible the perspectives of society would change and dissociate the stigma from polygamy.

On negative aspect noted is the possibility of psychological disturbance to children especially emotional damage. In the event a polygamous marriage would go wrong and the parents ask for a divorce, it may result in a difficult situation for the children. This aspect is equally important because sharing parental responsibilities between more than two parents would be a difficult thing. Presently, divorces that involve sharing of parental time with two parents has been observed to be a bit tedious for children. Contemplating the logistics of shared time between three parents or more is a cause for apprehension and skepticism on the downside of polygamy and polyamory.

On a personal note, this article has positive implications on my knowledge and understanding of cultural values that I can apply to my life. One aspect is reserving judgment. Polygamists and polyamorists have been under the judgment of society for their way of life. The inclination to serve judgment without first analyzing the perspectives is a source of misled conclusions. It is important to analyze the issue from all perspectives before concluding on its appropriateness. Lastly, children are increasingly being sidelined in issue that would affect them. it is important to carry out research on the possible implications of cultural issues on children before promoting them. making decisions on behalf of children while neglecting their needs could lead to serious implications in the future. Some effects could accompany them to adulthood by impairing their wholesome development. It is therefore necessary to understand the possible impacts to children before making decisions that would affect them.

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