Personal Statement Example: Transfer to Another School

Published: 2019-09-03
Personal Statement Example: Transfer to Another School
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From way back as far as my recollections can go, the workings of the mind have always been a fascination to me. How thoughts affect behavior, priming effects, the fascinating Muller-Lyer illusion all got me wanting to study more on the wonders of the human mind. Psychology has always been the subject I have been interested to pursue. Observing how people behave has been my favorite pastime from way back. I want to study psychology so as to understand better and deeper how the human mind works and the influence it has over our lives.

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Based on how important the psychology is to me, it is only imperative that I get taught by the best in the field and learn in the best of environments. The United States is that land where the culture of academic excellence is encouraged and appreciated. It is where one can carry out extensive research and reference materials are readily available. The country has heavily invested in resources required for carrying out research. Cultural tolerance is also something that draws me to pursue my psychology course in the United States- the country is a beautiful union of people from different ethnic backgrounds who live in harmony and appreciate each others culture. The University at Buffalo is where I would love to pursue my course, largely because of the diverse research facilities and the heavy investment by the institution in the field of research. I believe I will benefit the institution by transferring my rich South Korean culture into the campus and sharing with other students even as I learn something from and about their culture. I also believe that my deep interest I research in the field of psychology will produce beneficial fruit that will help the masses better understand the human mind and put the institution on a global limelight.

My good athletic ability, having been twice state champion in my country, coupled with my great analytical skills having worked as an assistant in the faculty of psychology at the University of Seoul have given me the experience and competitive edge to be better both in sports and in my academics. I have been bred to appreciate and accommodate different personalities from a young age by living with members of my extended family. This has enabled me to develop great interpersonal skills as well as an opportunity to learn the different temperaments people have. An opportunity to study at the University at Buffalo will place me on a higher pedestal to specialize on what I have already been exposed to.

After completion of my first degree in psychology, I intend to gain further exposure in the field looking for a psychology-related employment for a period not exceeding two years and later embark on further studies in the same field. After mastery in the field, I intend to concentrate on research in the field of psychology and contribute towards the scholarly enrichment by writing my research and experimental findings in medical journals. I would also love to help nurture enthusiastic young minds interested in the field in my country through lobbying for research funding and personal tutelage. An admission into the University at Buffalo will be a dream come true for me.

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