Tobacco Talk Essay Sample

Published: 2022-12-01
Tobacco Talk Essay Sample
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The article presents its anthropological study where a lot many issues surrounding the tobacco industry are presented as the outcomes of the research conducted by the authors. In this case, there had been the rise in ambiguity concerning the handling of tobacco by farmers, the existence of vast consumption on the side of consumers, as well as the presence of some legal framework aimed at offsetting its use to the minimum. In this case, there is thus the focus on the resolution of such issues as related to human psychology, where there had been a great lot dependence on tobacco despite some stringent legal framework and known adverse health ramifications associated with tobacco. Furthermore, the article is aimed at establishing some legal defense mechanisms that the tobacco industry has established in its bid to continue in operation amidst some negativities associated with the use of tobacco on the side of the people, their families, the development of the economy, as well as the existence of a healthy population (Benson, 2010) . It is primarily because there has been a continued existence of the tobacco industry, flourishing with a time, even though the people have been sensitized on the effects of tobacco use on their lives. The article also aims at establishing the reasons and, implications of the rise and existence of the ethical responsibility by the tobacco industry projected through its undertakings in the corporate social responsibility aimed at offsetting some campaigns against tobacco usages. It is because such an activity portrays a semblance of irony which, hopefully, the tobacco consumers are not able to identify as efforts continue the vice in the objectivity of the saving campaigns against the tobacco usage. The research is objected at establishing the reasons for the sustained tobacco dependence by the consumers and their industry survival in an environment calling for no usage of the drug.

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The research was purposed to establish the reasons behind the current ongoing in the tobacco industry, where there seems to be a great contrast between the efforts being made by the campaigns groups in the fight against the cultivation and the usage of tobacco and the continued flourishing of the tobacco industry. In this case, there is the research on the tobacco industry to understand how they manage to possess of large portion of consumers of its tobacco products in the wake of legal frameworks limiting such consumptions as well as the health threats arising from continued use of tobacco on the side of the users. It will thus help in settling the existing curiosity as well as further answering the questions regarding the continued farming of tobacco by the farmers in the United States of America, and more specifically in North Carolina.

Besides, it has been noted that tobacco industry has been in continued existence alongside trapping the minds of the local consumers. It is in a total disregard of the fact that there are the champion groups fighting the use of the product, alongside its associated adverse health issues, such as throat and lung cancers. In this case, there must have seen the psychological methods applied by the players in the tobacco industry to make its operational activities look friendly as opposed to the activities by the human health stakeholders aimed at making the users of its mend products to opt out of the habit. Such methods are, therefore, being investigated in the research conducted. It will thus enable the establishment of rational answers to the campaign groups regarding the continued balance and a sense of the competition between their life saving activities and those of the tobacco companies aimed at solely maintaining the large market share of their products in a total disregard of the health status and wellbeing of its constituent consumers.

There are thus the findings on the researched issues, recorded in the article. They act the providers of knowledge to the tobacco farmers, the tobacco industry, the consumers, the welfare associations, and the general public regarding the state of affairs in the tobacco industry. It came out that the tobacco industry employs some strategic mechanisms aimed at continued possession and existence of the consumers of tobacco products. In this case, it carries out some psychological defense strategies aimed at making their business look like it is purely free o nay danger to the consumers, such as health problems and wastage of finances that could have otherwise been pumped for other more useful activities. One of them is taking part in activities aimed at boosting the social welfare of the people. Such compose the corporate social responsibility. They serve as endearing the company to the locals who will then get tempted to promote it through the consumption of its products. Also, the activities of the company will remain as landmark in the society, making its influence great and thus sustaining its touch on the locals.

Besides, there are the outcomes from the sides of the consumers regarding the dependence on tobacco products. It was established that some consumers use tobacco as a sign of loyalty ton their ancestors who were also in consumption of the product, thus a mark of loyalty, and continuation of a family culture. There are, however, those who claimed the use of the product for their personal interests such as evading the stressful reality and frustrations encountered in life. Finally, there are those consumers of tobacco primarily because of the need to identify with the peers of the same habit. The methodology used in the collection of information regarding the whole issue surrounding tobacco is the conduction of interviews on tobacco farmers aimed at deciphering the real state of affairs in the industry. The above results support the main hypothesis regarding the existence of a conundrum in tobacco industry since they are in line with the evident continued usage of tobacco despite adverse health, economic, social, and cultural ramifications they have upon consumption.

In conclusion, the article can be critiqued as follows. It can be seen that the methodology employed in the collection of information surrounding the tobacco industry. The use of the industry insiders such as farmers could have been detrimental to the provision of true information since the interviewees might have been tempted to evade revealing some sensitive information. It is because of the nature of the tobacco industry, the provision of unrecommended for-consumption drugs can lead to misinformation from key players such as farmers in their attempt to evade any sensitive revelations. Also, the research topic could have been somehow altered to hide its true nature in a bid to veil the farmers, hence providing true information as they see their safety not being compromised.

Work Cited

Benson, Peter. "Tobacco talk: reflections on corporate power and the legal framing of consumption." Medical anthropology quarterly 24.4 (2010): 500-521.

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