Free Essay the Impediments to Development of Sustainable Buildings in Jubal Industrial City

Published: 2022-04-05
Free Essay the Impediments to Development of Sustainable Buildings in Jubal Industrial City
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To know the architectures' and interior designers' standpoint towards sustainability in Jubail City.

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The Justification:

Saudi Arabia's 2030 new vision promises to embrace sustainable development. This would be a good inception for the upcoming economic transformation in the country.

Jubail industrial city is experiencing air and water pollution which may lead to health complications in the future.

Research questions with a brief explanation of their content

How do we develop sustainable buildings despite the stumbling blocks in Jubail industrial city?

Which stumbling block would stand out the most against developing sustainability in Jubail industrial city?

Each problem has a reason behind it. Therefore, the scarce of sustainable buildings in Jubail city is analogized to noticeable barriers. The purpose of this question is to determine these barriers and find a solution that would help in developing more sustainable buildings that would not only benefit the environment but also human's health.

Brief description and justification for this sample

In this study, the sample will be architects and interior design practitioners from Saudi Arabia.

They have a substantial influence in developing more sustainable buildings in the city

They can contribute in educating and enlightening the public about sustainability and its role in protecting both the environment and human's health.

To know their point of view towards sustainability.

Data collection methods (description of events, procedures, and timeline)

The data in this study will be collected utilizing an in-depth interview including sending emails to respondents and face-to-face interviews

At least 12 participants will be interviewed in this study; this will take up to 3 months

Instruments planned for use

In this study, a survey (scheduled interview) will be the most effective instrument.

Data analysis methods (projected)

Since the data collection method will be in- depth interview, the data analysis of this study will be represented in qualitative manner; however, there will be few quantitative data.

Assumptions and projected limitations

Inadequate drive for awareness has eclipsed the meagerness of sustainability

The High cost of sustainable development causes architects and interior designers to seek lower cost techniques.


The main purpose of this study is to investigate the impediments to the development of sustainable buildings in the Jubail industrial city. These include climate, energy consumption, air pollution, and public awareness. This study will comprehensively incorporate fundamental elements that would influence human's health within the buildings, including the condition of the air and lighting. There are several studies have evinced beyond doubt the impact of these elements on human's health and prosperousness. The target sample of this study will be architects and interior designers from Saudi Arabia. The reason behind that is to understand their standpoint and comprehension of sustainability. This would develop an explicit idea about the handicaps of sustainable development and the appropriate solutions that would address these obstacles.

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