Time Management Journal - Free Example for You

Published: 2019-09-12
Time Management Journal - Free Example for You
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My goal is to improve on my time management skills and ensure that I complete all my activities within the stipulated deadlines and with high quality of not less than 70 percent.

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Journal 1 (a)

There are various areas of time management that I am best in and deliver the best quality in the course of carrying out my activities. One of the areas that I am best in is that I have the ability prioritize on my work and this gives me the ability decide on the activities that are most important first and then completing the activities that are less important later. Additionally, I usually do the activities that are of greatest urgency first then proceed to do those that have long deadlines. Secondly, I set aside time for planning the activities that I plan to do and this has the benefit of improving on the planning. The planning and scheduling is of great importance since it helps me in arranging the jobs in the order of urgency. This proves to be of great importance in the ranking of the priorities of duties that I have been assigned.

However, one of the areas in which I give poor performance is that I do not leave contingency in my planning to deal with the unexpected. In this case, the unexpected usually interferes with my effectiveness as they interfere with my work schedule. The second area where I give dismal performance is that I do not relate the result of every activity with the time I input. This affects my efficiency and affects the process of planning. The inability to set contingency time for the unexpected has in the past led to various challenges and affected my effectiveness in carrying out duties. In the past, I have been using time that I should have used to carry out my duties to handle the contingency plans; this has in the past affected my ability to meet my deadlines. Additionally, inability to relate the results of the activities has also affected my delivery. This is because there have been cases in the past where I use longer durations of time on the activities that are of least benefits and short times to carry out the duties that are of the highest priority.

Journal 1 (b)

There are various time management strategies that I plan to employ in order to improve on my effectiveness of timing. One of the strategies that I plan to implement in order to reduce interruptions is to keep a record of the interruptions and formulate identify the types of interruptions are important and need to be settled promptly and those that can be handled later. Additionally, I plan to record the sequence and timing of the strategies and ensure that I prepare for them and form a plan on how to tackle them when they occur. The second strategy that I plan to implement that I plan to use is to have the right goal setting and relate the goals with the timing given to every expected result. The strategy that I would use in goal setting is to focus on the big picture then focus on the smaller goals that would help in supporting the big picture.

Journal 2 (1)

The strategies that I implement are very effective in helping me to achieve the goals and the plans that I have formulated. It is in this manner that I have the ability to control all the interruptions and manage them before they affect my work. In this manner, I have predetermined the times when interruptions would occur and ensure that my schedule run as planned. Additionally, I have the ease of carrying out duties with surety of completing them before or at the stipulated time, this proves to be fulfilling. Management of interruptions have enabled me to appreciate the power that everyone has in their lives and their ability to have the control of their lives. From the changes that I have made, I have learned that scheduling is of great importance in the society and it greatly helps in the effective accomplishment of goals without any challenges.

The other lesson that I have learned from taking part in the goal setting is that it gives ample time for the accomplishment of the goals. It is in this relation that I have learnt that by setting goals, I can improve my effectiveness my utilizing the limited time I have in the best manner to achieve my goals.

Journal 2 (2)

My goals would require to be revised and this is because of the introduction of the time management strategies that require rescheduling of activities. In this manner, the activities that affect my effectiveness would be of great importance to ensure that I carry out by duties effectively using the shortest time. The strategies that I have implemented are best suited towards the accomplishment of the goals. This means that they do not need to be revised because they best achieve the goals.

15 Statements to Answer Not at All Rarely Sometimes Often Very Often

1 The tasks I work on are the ones with the highest priority.

2 I find myself completing tasks at the last minute, or asking for extensions.

3 I set aside time for planning and scheduling.

4 I know how much time I spend on each of the various task I do.

5 I find myself dealing with interruptions.

6 I use goal setting to decide what tasks and activities I should work on.

7 I leave contingency time in my schedule to deal with "the unexpected"?

8 I know whether the tasks I am working on are high, medium, or low value.

9 When I am given a new assignment, I analyze it for importance and prioritize it accordingly.

10 I am stressed about deadlines and commitments.

11 Distractions keep me from working on critical tasks.

12 I have to take work home in order to get it done.

13 I prioritize my To Do list or Action Program.

14 I confirm my priorities with my boss.

15 Before I take on a task, I check that the results will be worth the time put in.

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