Free Essay with Theoretical Assumptions on Human Behavior

Published: 2021-02-11
Free Essay with Theoretical Assumptions on Human Behavior
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Research links social class or status to various diseases and health behaviors like smoking and obesity.

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Interventions in this category focus on the prevalence of behaviors to reduce social inequalities.

Constraints on Health

They are influenced by social, cultural, economic, and political factors.

The government is responsible for forming public health laws.

The laws and policies formed are executed by employers, health care organizations, unions, and public interest groups.

Organizational Culture (OC)

OC is the foundation of individual behavior change.

It advocates for what is right.

A healthy behavior supportive culture adopts relevant policies and prioritizes employee health, and eliminates environmental risk factors.

Organizational Development (OD)

OD is escribed using behavioral- scientific theories, values, techniques, and strategies.

Main aim of OD is to execute change in the work setting.

OD is based on:

systems theory- change in one section influences change in others

worker participation- involvement enhances quality and increases commitment

action research- use of external change agents to bring development

Planned- Change Models

Developed by Lewin.

Conceptualized change as occurring in three stages

Unfreezing old behavior

Moving to a new behavior

Stabilizing the new behavior

Organizational Interventions

Altering employee health behavior by educating employees, training key figures in an organization to support sustain a healthy OC, and eliminating individual risks.

Reduction of environmental risk factors by introducing OSH programs (Occupational, Safety, and Health), promoting individual behavior and administrative changes, and maintaining a conducive physical environment. Theory of Change Model

Challenges the execution and necessity of programs adapted.

The first step entails articulating the intervention goals.

Second step considers the specific means used to attain goals.

Third step taken is to measure changes occurring from the outcomes.

Community Level Interventions

Emphasis is placed on the communitys social, economic, cultural, and political context.

They draw on various concepts like social support, social action, community development, and critical awareness.

They also focus on reducing health relates risks, providing basic health education, and promoting unity among community residents.

Intervention Strategies


Support groups

Leadership training

Organizing associations

Intervention Targets

Significance of community in defining priorities and needs.

Creation of a community-based diagnosis and assessment plan

Implementation of methodologies

Creation of long-term development strategies

Society Level Interventions

Setting realistic health targets.

Conducting health communication campaigns to advance public health by creating awareness through marketing, advertising, and general education.

Regulation of health laws by the government for example increasing tobacco taxation to discourage smoking, demanding for accurate label information on products, or regulating hazardous products.

Facing socioeconomic status issues in relation to health.

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