Essay Example on Theatre Studies: LBMA Response

Published: 2023-12-11
Essay Example on Theatre Studies: LBMA Response
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What aspects of the Shape category felt particularly clarifying and/or useful to you? Which terms felt immediately accessible, and which less so? What activities do you do in your daily life that might benefit from an investment in Shape?

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The shape category that can be felt includes A CONCEPTUAL SENSATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS and UNCONSCIOUSNESS FRAMEWORK, CLOSING OPENING, support in SHAPE FLOW, SHAPE FORMS, and MODES OF SHAPE CHANGES. However, others will include the MIND and BODY, which emanates from bulging, widening, hollowing, and shortening. The body and mind detect the changes and can be easily accessible in terms of physical changes compared to internal changes such as contraction, expansion, and shape flow. Breathing is the best activity that can capitalize on body shape investment.

Please respond to the same questions posited above for the Patterns of Total Body Connectivity.

The total body connectivity patterns include but are not limited to; CORE- DISTAL, BODY HALF, THE HEAD-TAIL, THE BREATH, CROSS-LATERAL, and UPPER-LOWER. These patterns play a great role in three-dimensional locomotion, sharping of the internal, fluidity movement, reduction in internal overdependency, self-connection within the body, and the body's stability. However, L/BMA is the best connectivity required in the body for the system's full functioning.

Discuss the experience of working creatively from these terms. Did generating movement using the L/BMA vocabulary provide you with useful tools for your phrase-building? If so, how? If not, why not?

L/BMA provides useful tools for phrase building in various manner as follows, cross-lateral is a developmental that involves rotational graduate that helps in joints for movement in three-dimensional. Besides, breath connectivity is a lung and cellular that involved in the movement of fluid and shaping of the body's internal body (Matos & Evans, 2017). Core- distal connection is the internal core that reduces the dependency of the external muscle, and it also coordinates other limbs to the center core. The Head tail connection is responsible for the self-connected person by vertical internal of the body. This stage pattern has given attention to the world to enjoy a wide range of flexibility for enjoyment and spine support for changes in level. Body half connection stabilizes the body to work when one side is mobile while the other side immobile. The sidedness pattern in the brain helps in simplifying issues and prioritizing.

What else would you like to share about the experience of learning this material that is not referenced above?

Learning materials without reference provide the following, helps influence decision-making positively, provision of the solution and decision efficiently, relevant in the dissemination of accurate information, and beneficial in making concurrent solutions in the prevailing situation. It also led to personal and social skills, observational, perceptional, and addition provides relevant and meaning to learn. Lastly, it provides the first-hand experience.


Matos, P., & Evans, R. B. (2017). Gold as a Portfolio Diversifier: The World Gold Council and Investing in Gold. Darden Business Publishing Cases.

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