Historical Essay Sample on the Vikings Trade Impact in America

Published: 2019-06-10
Historical Essay Sample on the Vikings Trade Impact in America
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The Vikings were fearless explorers who made great impact across the Atlantic regions both in Europe and America, particularly the North American region. Even though the Vikings were known for their fearless raids on many communities in Europe and America, they were also very skilled in matters concerning trade. They traded various products with the communities that they came in contact with in the Northern America and even assimilated some of them (Gwyn & Kimiaki 56). It is however very important to note that, the first encounters that the Vikings had with other communities often resulted to serious war which the Vikings easily warn due to their sophistication in war fair.

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In North America, The Vikings settled in various areas such as Canada, where they settled and built their structures some of which still stand to date. The main impact of the Vikings trade in America with the Native Americans was the open up of various trade routes in the area. The Vikings were fearless explorers and therefore, the created trade routes even in the most feared geographical regions and this helped to link them to new customers to the goods and also link them to new traders who provided them with useful items (Gwyn et al 73). The trade routes that were created y the Vikings helped to open up North America in terms of trade. The North America communities also started engaging in Business deals over the years because they learnt from the Vikings. The Vikings also explored other areas like Europe and Asia where they traversed the transatlantic region doing trade with people from the east and Europe (Susan et al. 8240). This trade links brought a great impact on the American economic status because it opened up so many markets for the goods that were being made by the Native American. The Evidence of this today includes the Transatlantic Trade Agreement that was signed to enable free trade between the United States of America and the Asian countries such as India.

Another great impact of course was in terms of culture. The Vikings loved craftsmanship and were trade oriented. They loved that art of drawing and creating sculptures. This included making paintings and beautiful drawings (Susan et al. 8240). The culture was picked up by the Scandinavians who started practicing the culture of the Vikings. When these Scandinavians migrated to America, they kept the culture alive and continued with the creation of different works of art and even literature (Mackenzie 350). This culture then got into the Americans. The culture of creating works of Art like paintings and even literature. The evidence of the influence of the Vikings can therefore be seen Among the Americans since the pop art and even the literature has taken root among the Americans. The drawings and paintings are done even to the bodies of people in form of tattoos. This is great evidence of the culture of the Vikings that came to America as a result of their trade with the Americans.

In conclusion, the impact of the trade between the Vikings and the Native Americans was far reaching. The trade opened up the minds of the Americans and connected them to the other world where they found opportunities for trade. There was also political influence in terms of the structure of the leadership that saw American people adopt Kingship borrowed from the Vikings who were known for their veracious capabilities in trade and war. The culture was also passed to the Americans and can be evidenced in the literature and art.


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