Free Essay on the Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America

Published: 2019-05-22 18:48:23
Free Essay on the Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America
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Drafted on July 4th 1776, the Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America has defied odds to remain a highly regarded document in the history of the United States of America. It is a symbol of mans realization of injustice, a pursuit of political independence and resolving to declare his independence. As the exploits of the British monarch exceeded the limits and soon transformed into denial of fundamental freedoms and rights, abuse of power and the infliction of suffering, the thirteen states quickly moved to declare sovereignty by unanimously ratifying the declaration. The declaration was made unanimously

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The Declaration begins by explaining the reasons for their pursuit of self-rule so that they justify their course leading to the declaration. The need to delink a people from a given government and opt for self-rule in one way or another is given as the explanation. The factors leading such a decision are later given as increased abuse of power, a clearly compromised leadership, and the absolute dictatorship of the current regime and very improper dispensation of state duties.

A set of values and guiding principles are defined to as the key pillars of the people. The declaration begins by stating them as truths that are non-ambiguous and are understood by any man with a sound understanding. It further declares the equality of humanity. The Declaration states that liberty, pursuit for happiness, Life among others as God given rights that all humans should enjoy without segregation based on whichever criteria and further acknowledges that these rights are not issued by any man or government. The Americans express their dissatisfaction of the oppressive regime, which seeks to limit the above rights and privileges. It shows self-consciousness, and that Americans had chose to rise against anything that did not guarantee freedom but only meant oppression.

The declaration argues the position of governance that it is restituted to protect the above rights, but not to use them as a tool to oppress the people. The declaration sets in pace the role of the government as that of guardianship, given by God through the consent of the governed, and they were only tasked with protecting them and not misusing them.

The declaration also justifies the decision of the American people to declare their independence by placing the government in the hands of the people. It can be viewed as the precursor of democracy as defined by Abraham Lincoln: a government of the people by the people and for the people. The government only wields power given unto it by the people. It establishes power in the hands of the masses to alter or overly overhaul the government in case of excesses such as inflicting suffering on the people or failing to guarantee the peoples happiness. The declaration discourages the government from excessive abuse of power or tyranny and places the power to overhaul it in such circumstances in the hands of the people.

Despite placing the power to overhaul it in the hands of the people, the declaration encourages patience in a government that has served for faithfully for a long time. It calls for prudence and discourages seeking its dismissal because of simple, unfound, or flimsy reasons. The declaration only gives permission for overhaul in case the problems associated with it escalate, say for instance, the usurpation of power, disrespect for the fundamental human rights and privileges or tyranny escalate beyond limits. In such a case, the need for a new order is necessary, as seen in the clamor for independence.

The justification of the Declaration is then given to be a result of intense patience amidst oppression from the Britons that had ultimately reached a far too high level. The monarch had turned oppressive and totally disregarded human rights of the Americans who suffered in silence for long until they could no longer take it. The dictatorship exercised resulting in torture, death and suffering. The British monarch is accused of refusal to assent to legislation deemed as pro-people, dissolution of the legislative assembly severally, exploitation of resources and infliction of suffering among other allegations.

The increasing suffering prior to the declaration prompts the Americans to seek help through the right channels seeking remedy directly from the British government and also indirectly through their relations residing in the Great Britain but to no avail. They hope that by explaining how the British legal system was hurting them by extending legislation to them despite their emigrant status, the unending usurpations and the untold suffering, the colonial power would be kind to them, which doesnt happen. The declaration points to this failure by the British government that pushed them to unite and declare their independence.

The unanimous declaration signs off with a declaration of agreement over the discussed scenario. By acknowledging that the people have the power to overhaul the government in the instance of increased excesses and agreeing that the monarch fit the description above as their oppressor, the thirteen representatives then declare their freedom. The states declare freedom and non-allegiance to the British monarch. In addition to that, the representatives unanimously agree that each status was autonomous, just as if a country is, and has an independence to govern itself and carry on such tasks as declare war, raise taxes and so on.

Most importantly, the declaration gives birth to the United States of America. The Declaration is signed by fifty-six representatives, each from a state in the union.

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