Essay Sample on School Tribunals

Published: 2019-08-15
Essay Sample on School Tribunals
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School tribunals are bully courts where bullying cases are heard, and appropriate punishment dished out. Student leaders are appointed or elected who will hear cases from both the victim of bullying and the bully and decide on the sanctions or punishment to be handed over to the guilty part.

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An improved playground reduces incidences of bullying in schools. Most bullying takes place at the playground. Improving these places, coupled with close supervision will reduce chances of weaker students getting bullied.

Training programs can be developed that target students who are victims or potential victims of bullying so that they are able to cope with bullying incidences passively as well as non-aggressively. A counseling approach where bullies are asked to acknowledge the suffering their victims go through and help save the situation will help restore frosty relationships.

The idea of community referencing can also be applied in solving bullying problems. In this case, the perpetrators of bullying together with their friends or relatives meet with their victims also accompanied by their friends or relatives (Vesey-Fitzgerald, 1975). The perpetrator makes repatriation, and the feud is considered finished. This was experimentally carried out in Australian schools, and it was well received by the student community.

The curriculums precepts that give a window of opportunity for discussion could also be used as a way of tackling incidences of bullying. In this way, students can be asked to discuss the bad effects of bullying and come up with ways of solving it. The ideas generated can be incorporated in the whole-school system to help curb the menace (Urban, n.d.).

A whole-school program is the best approach to managing bullying incidences in schools. Participation by the community, the teaching fraternity and the student body in coming up with ideas to stop bullying will go a long way in ending this vice. Any reasonable anti-bullying program will readily be acceptable by all stakeholders across the board.


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