Essay Sample on The Theoretical Aspects of Marketing

Published: 2023-03-06
Essay Sample on The Theoretical Aspects of Marketing
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Marketing is essential for the success of any business. Marketing is the process in which any product is introduced or promoted. Without proper marketing strategies, the product any organization is trying to sell will not be known, and consequently, the organization will not achieve its goals. Marketing is critical in the development of a strategic plan for any organization. Marketing can involve advertising, sales, and any strategies developed by marketing teams in promoting services and products to customers. Marketing is essential in any organization as it helps in developing new ideas, promotes brand recognition, saves on costs, and increases sales.

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This piece examines the theoretical aspects of marketing and how management can benefit from implementing marketing concepts. Any organization must take reasonable steps to ensure that the marketing concepts are adopted to an organization depending on the needs. Marketing strategies and concepts involve different marketing tools. An organization needs to study their marketing needs, and offer tailor-made solutions to give them a competitive advantage. An organization should identify their target market and decide which marketing approach they will employ to any targeted market. Any organization should develop an in-house process that can be implemented in line with organizational goals.

  • Anticipated Managerial Abilities to be Developed
  • Instructional base in merchandising, organized management and marketing
  • Improved employability for marketing and distribution (retailing, real estate, manufacturing and different types of services)
  • Strategic thinking
  • Revenue-driven marketing management.

Proposed Project Design/Plan

The project research will be based on library research on marketing. The research will involve comparative analysis between different organizations on their marketing strategies while measuring the success and effectiveness of the different strategies. The research will also involve an analysis of peer-reviewed articles, narrowing down to the most effective practice, and make recommendations.


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