Essay Sample on The Telemedicine Opportunity for Geneva Health Facility

Published: 2023-08-29
Essay Sample on The Telemedicine Opportunity for Geneva Health Facility
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Telemedicine is one of the technological advancements in the health sector that is under debate by different medical officers and even the public. Being new in the sector, there are many medical officers and analysts that resist its application while there are those who have embraced and believe that it is one of those advancements that will help a lot in the health sector.

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Telemedicine is a form of virtual care to patients. It is a technological form where doctors can examine and consult patients virtually without them being there in person(Ghani.etal,2018). There are a few hospitals that have adopted the system and it has been successful. Despite a few challenges, they believe it is a better way to solve problems that have been there in the medical sector. Johnson having embraced it himself is very determined to introduce it in the Geneva Health System, he believes that it is one of the new ways that will improve the services in the system. However, most staff in the hospital have heard the rumor about the introduction of telemedicine in the hospitals and they are upon their heels resisting it. Being the new CEO of the facility Johnson has to do something to convince the entire fraternity in the hospital to accept it. To do that solid evidence is needed and a summer resident is there to assist. This paper discusses some of the things that the summer resident has to do to provide enough information that could help convince the likes of Smith and Chapman to accept the offer. The summer resident needs to look for information about the history of the Geneva Health System why most of the staff is are resisting telemedicine. Studying the previous management of the hospital will help in finding out how they dealt with new staff in the hospital. Summer residents should look for evidence on how the new norm would create better working conditions and better services for patients. This evidence would be available from hospitals that have successfully adopted the new system and are enjoying its fruits. There are several effects that telemedicine would bring to the staff and the entire organization. Some of the effects can be negative while most are positive. Since fewer doctors are required, it might consider getting rid of a few and that could the main reason why they feel insecure. There might also need to recruit other staff who know better about it and they might take over the whole facility leaving the others obsolete in the facility. All these changes will affect even how the organization will be run. The leadership in different departments might be changed. Geneva Health System staff needs to learn more from other facilities like there have adopted the new phenomenon before being too fast to reject it. This will be up to the summer residents to collect all the evidence available that can convince them. This evidence includes the success factors associated with telemedicine. Some of the success factors include being able to serve many patients at the same time. The available doctors can attend to their patients without the need to go through the fatigue of dealing with a large number of patients one at a time. The facility will also offer its services efficiently to its clients.

In conclusion, the summer resident has a lot of information that he could collect help Johnson to convince people in the hospital about the importance of telemedicine in the Geneva Health Facility. Some of the information needed has been highlighted in the paper which is of the essence in overcoming the hurdle of convincing the already resisting staff.


Ghani, M. K. A., Mostafa, S. A., Mustapha, A., Aman, H., Mohamed, M. A., & Jaber, M. M. (2018). Investigating Telemedicine Approaches: A 10-Country Comparison. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(3.20), 451-460.

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