The Sour Taste of Crime, Art Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-25
The Sour Taste of Crime, Art Essay Example
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The artist to the picture at hand aimed at conveying a particular message about the piece of art in its entirety. The 15 by 10 cm image focuses its theme at its center and bottom; the detail differs from its top to bottom with it being more detailed southwards. The choice of colors adds more taste and understanding of the art with brown, red, blue, and black being dominant.

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The two-dimensional picture in question gives a certain visual perception. At the first glimpse of the image, a crime scene comes to mind. It appears to have happened very early in the morning evident by the brown coloring of the picture with cars at the edges barely visible as well as the story-building tops.

At the bottom right of the picture lies a lifeless body which appears to be a male individual on a pool of blood whereas at its heart are individuals with their faces painted in sorrow likely to suggest they may have witnessed the entire ordeal or came after that, but the latter seems the most probable scenario. Furthermore, the reaction of the people confirms that a crime took place specifically a hit and run or a different murder case all the same.

Just like any other society, from the individuals' facial expression, one can tell the extent by which a society wonders on what likely makes one do such a gruesome thing. In this case, the unexplainable cause of death of the male individual expected to be in his late twenties. In any normal day, these individuals would be in their calmest of moods probably heading for work only to find themselves at a murder scene. What a bad way to kick-off the day, right?

Undoubtedly, this takes place in one of the backstreets of big city moments before the sun breaks the dawn sky. It would have been an otherwise welcoming route for pedestrians as well those driving their way through the city had it not been for the ordeal, this street shelters quite a sizeable population across the city.

In this road, early in the morning pedestrians from different walks of life would be heading for their day to day routine, for instance, dressed in an overall, a thick blue liquid likely to be painted with a paintbrush right next to the victim suggested a painter heading for work early in the morning. Traffic jam has clouded the city and is visible from the right side of the picture, vehicles by now are likely hooting to deafening extents but unfortunately have nowhere to go with the body blocking the road.

To the throngs of people especially gathering at the scene, it appears unknown what transpired as they look overly surprised, "Oh my God! What happened?" Some would ask in surprise. They are on the verge of finding out information as depicted on the left of the picture; a more massive crowd is seen to be heading towards the scene.

The scene would not miss an individual or two to have left their car just to get a closer look, for instance, the man on the far right in a necktie. The other three are in trench-coats indicative of cold weather mornings; the stand out individual is, therefore, likely to have left his car.

The picture further suggests that out of the pack, some four individuals are bold, they are the strong at heart, more curious, and on a light note the know-it-all. They are close enough to the crime scene next to a dead body with fresh blood behind them which the others are afraid of or instead do not want to tamper with the evidence whereas the four are likely busy conversing in a bid of trying to reconstruct the entire incident as they await the police arrival and intervention.

For any voracious reader and a movie fanatic, both legal and forensic related would see this particular picture and link it to a cold blood murder, but on the contrary, it may have been a case of the guy heading for work only to be knocked down by an overspeeding vehicle that droves off. Realistically, it is harder to assess the whole crime since there's more than meets the eye.

A lot of dots need joining with the timing and cause of death as examples. The crime appears to have taken place most likely between Monday and Friday just because these are the most common working days for most firms, plus the characteristic busy streets due to traffic jam which is somehow rare over the weekends.

The victim may have been holding the brush in his left hand, whereas the paint pail on the right before being attacked or instead knocked down by a vehicle. The impact may have been intense since the guy appears to have already been confirmed dead by the pedestrians, little or no attention is paid to him.

The window period of the incident must have been tight considering the larger number of vehicles that are already on the scene as well as the individuals; it may have taken roughly 2-3 minutes for the individuals to arrive at the scene or even one may have witnessed the entire incident. In confirmation of the time frame, police or other law enforcers response within cities is high since quite a number of them operate within these towns.

Between the two theories at hand, the most probable cause of the death may have been the overspeeding vehicle that took off after that. Scaling the picture's width onto the actual ground, there is roughly a 2meters distance between the individual and his pail which he likely held on his right arm. The impact by the vehicle knocked him down by nearly the 2meters away from paint spillage, he drops down and hits his head on the ground leaving him soaked in his blood. It can be argued that the impact on the ground was the cause of death.

Furthermore, a fast-moving vehicle (roughly 50mph) would be more likely able to beat the 2 minutes window. Since this is far less likely to be any gunshot murder but possibly an accident, the victim might have been on the wrong as much, I may wish to lay all the blame on the vehicle and its owner but all the same, the driver's speeding off is very wrong.

Conclusively, the recreation of the likely occurrences of the incidents such as time frame, the timing (early morning), the busy streets crowded by pedestrians and vehicles (as seen on the left and right sides of the image respectively), and the emotionally varied atmosphere painted on the faces of these pedestrians. All of these are the build-up to my agreement that the individual was a victim of an accident that took place early in the morning. Sadly, the guy lost his life; the suspect is nowhere to be seen which is wrong. All these marked a bad day for the pedestrians and other road users.

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