Free Essay: How Has Coronavirus Pandemic Changed Your Life for the Worse and the Better

Published: 2023-07-23
Free Essay: How Has Coronavirus Pandemic Changed Your Life for the Worse and the Better
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"In the days and weeks ahead, we expect to see the number of cases, deaths, and the number of affected countries climb even higher" (Valentic n.p). These were words uttered by Dr. Tedros, which shows that life was heading towards worse, as countries would try hard to heighten the measures of social distance, lockdown, and forced quarantine. Personally, the advent of COVID-19 has brought a mixed reaction to positive and negative aspects. On the negative aspect, I am now faced with the grim reality of staying indoors, and going out when necessary like for shopping reasons. This has affected me since I am an extrovert and I normally like interacting with close friends going on trips and hiking almost every weekend, but now even meeting each other physically is not possible. On a positive note is that I have maximized online work through content creation, regularly engaging in physical exercises, and also connecting with friends, and playing games online through Zoom software. The paper will exemplify the positive notes and negative aspects that have been brought by the stern reality that the world is currently grappling with COVID-19.

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How are you staying connected and sound in a period of social distancing? (Engle n.p). It is a question that lacks a concrete answer, especially for someone who used to interact with friends in different social gatherings and places. The Coronavirus has certainly impacted how we work, play, and learn. In my case, it has impacted my life negatively as I would not have imagined that there would come a time when I would be restricted from interacting with those that matter most to me due to social distance and lockdown rules. It also means I cannot interact with my friends at school, and it has impacted my academics since it came at a point where I was about to do my practical work that would be hard to proceed without the guidance of our lecturer. However, what inspires me is that all these mitigating factors are meant to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Amidst all the hope, my mother wonders how long will my life be on pause.

One positive factor I can derive from this pandemic is discovering my true purpose or passion. Purpose assists us to rediscover our true meaning, which is an essential component for personal fulfillment and happiness during challenging times. I have been able to discover the passion for content developing where I can write interesting and captivating articles for a fee as a freelancer now that I am at home. I normally capitalize on this avenue to distract myself from finding out awful news on the number of individuals being affected by COVID-19 daily, and also subscribe to new online tutorials that can help increase knowledge base. It is a diligent way of keeping myself busy aside from engaging in physical exercises and connecting with friends through Zoom.


The advent of coronavirus has elicited a wide-reaching uncertainty that has impacted the lives of many people either positively or negatively. One way the problem of COVID-19 has negatively affected me the individual is related to the social and educational aspects. With the introduction of the social distancing concept, it means I am now separate from my friends, and the wider society, and that has made me feel very much disconnected from them even though we communicate with them through online platforms like Zoom and Skype. Nevertheless, the one positive thing that I have derived from this groom situation is rediscovering my true purpose or passion in the form of creating captivating articles that have given me some form of residual income, kept me engaged, and revitalized my love since in the first year I used to create some articles for our University weekly magazine. In a nutshell, I would advise my fellow students, and the wider society at large to find small things that can spark happiness, and grow their ingenuity and knowledge base during this period.

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