Free Essay on the Psychological and Physiological Effect of Music

Published: 2019-09-03
Free Essay on the Psychological and Physiological Effect of Music
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In our findings, two of the ladies who were aged eighteen and twenty years gave a similar score in all the three study. Recite after a no music reading; they were able to get six out of ten. Words read with classical music they both scored nine out of ten and the words recited after listening to rock music the females scored six out of ten. For the male words read without music, he scored eight out of ten while those read while listening to classical music he scored all the marks. However, words recited after listening to rock music he scored four out of ten.

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The other females they showed score that were almost similar. For the words without music, they scored between five and six while those read while listening to classical music they scored an average of eight. The score while listening to rock music was quite small where they scored an average of four. However, one lady showed different results where her score line while listening to rock music was high reading nine out of ten.

Summarizing my findings, reciting words that were read while listening to music performed better than those words read without any music. Nonetheless, rock music showed a low respond. Most of the people scored low points while listening to rock music. There was an exemption of a lady who scored almost everything with the rock music.

In conclusion, music helps to sooth our minds and helps us to understand better. It indicated that cognitive performance was improved by the classical music that played in the background. This music triggered the listener to be more attentive and soothing helping the reader to memorize more words.

In the same case the rock music gave little results. It is because the music is not soothing and it is associated with a lot of instruments that may trigger noise. The sound acted as a barrier to efficient memorizing. The first two ladies their scores were a little bit lower than the rest. They had other distractive measures other than the music. These factors may include the age factor. However, for the exceptional lady who almost scored everything while listening to rock music showed that she was not distracted, other than she was able to memorize the words better. In a further interrogation, she said that rock music was her favorite genre of music, and that is why she was able to memorize better with all the background noises.

The main limitation to our study was that different people love different type of music. Many will find classical music soothing while others will prefer a different genre. Another limitation was that we were not able to distinguish why the male performed better. Even so, our study was a success as we were able to distinguish attentive and inattentive people and the different effect the background music has on people. In the next study, we shall dig deeper to explain the variation of the result especially with the difference in age factor. Also, the different results due to different gender represented.

In conclusion, as earlier stated, various environment factors trigger our memory differently. As earlier stated, various varying environmental factors trigger our memory.


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