The Professional Philosophy of Nursing - Free Essay

Published: 2020-08-13
The Professional Philosophy of Nursing - Free Essay
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My core values and beliefs as an individual are dependability, reliability, commitment, efficiency, and honesty. As a dependable person, people always look upon me for help. They know that they can always count on me. Additionally, individuals believe that I am always there for them. Moreover, I am committed to my nursing profession. For eight years, I have been committed to what I do; that is, helping the sick. Additionally, I also believe in being honest to my clients and my friends as well. In this regard, I always strive to be efficient and give adequate service to my clients. This has helped me create a better understanding with my patients. All these values describe who I am and what I stand for as a nurse.

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The values and beliefs that are part of my everyday life and which I use to make personal decisions are optimism, inspiration, and motivation. As an optimistic person, I always avoid cynic and instead and embrace high trust in whatever I undertake. As a result, I do not mingle or associate with quitters since my belief is that giving up is like failing in life. My optimistic nature gives me courage to carry on. In my decision making, inspiration is very fundamental in helping me do what I love and dismiss what my heart does not like. In this regard, the inspiration of the great nurses who believed in what they did is what motivates me. According to Dossey & Keegan (2012), motivation leads into deciding what a person wants to do and what not to. Moreover, the motivation of my clients getting well and having a good life makes me decide that I want to continue to be a nurse.

I chose nursing as my profession because of several things that inspired me. First, the nature of my nursing profession was key to my decision to become a nurse. Despite this being my second career, nursing offers me an opportunity to interact with people who desperately need my help and service. In this regard, I interact with patients who suffer from different ailments and who see me as their only hope. As such, the desperate nature of patients and my desire to help them was a major issue that attracted me into joining nursing. Additionally, the passion I have for taking care of the sick was also instrumental in my choice of nursing as a profession. Further, the trust I had in my capabilities directed my thinking into the nursing profession. The fact that nursing is my second career shows how much passion that I have for this profession.

I believe I am still in nursing today because I love what I do and the role the profession has on the community. The number of the patients that I help recover gives me the inspiration that has kept me in nursing for the last eight years. In any case, this job is very challenging as well as very demanding. However, the passion that I have for the profession is profound and elaborate. Additionally, I am in nursing today because of the encouragement that I get from my son who is in college as well as my friends. Further, the approval that I get from my patients gives me an inspiration that has made me be in this profession for this long. Moreover, nursing is a calling for me. My instincts and inner conscience always direct me into being with the ailing people and helping them regain their normalcy.

I believe that the core and focus of nursing is the healing of patients, their safety and their needs (Witter, 2012). Nursing is more concerned with the healing process of the patients. In this regard, nurses walk patients through the journey of healing. They stay by their side in the difficult and lowest moments of the patients. According to Witter (2012), whether in hospital or elsewhere, nurses maintain the manifesto of service to all people. Therefore nursing is a profession that caters for the needs of the patients. These are either psychological or even medical needs that require the attention of the nurses. Nurses also ensure that patients are safe when in hospital or even in their homes. In this regard, nursing ensures that patients eat well, sleep sound and progress healthy. As such, the focus of nursing is on the patient as opposed to the needs of the general public.

My vision for myself as a nurse is that I will be the person that patients are comfortable with. In so doing, the patients will have to appreciate my role in their lives. Additionally, I would love to see so many souls of patients healed as well as their bodies. My vision is to see the nursing profession that is devoid of negativity but that which engages in service for the patients. Furthermore, I would love to see myself become the best nurse in the country in terms of the services that I give to my patients.

I believe that my personal and professional philosophies are congruent because they complement each other. My individual philosophies are those of service without discrimination. Those of the nursing profession call for service at all times. As such, I have philosophies that are in tandem with the requirements of diligence and loyalty to my clients. It is, therefore, my assertion that my core values and philosophies are so much congruent with those of the nursing profession.

To live out my philosophies every day I must remember this about myself that I have a calling to be the keeper of my clients. Secondly, that my patients need me all the time and I cannot dare let them down. It is also important to remember that I got in this profession by my own volition and swore to save life however the circumstances. Additionally, I must remember to stay true to my core values and beliefs as well as the philosophies of the nursing profession. As to my patients, I must always remember that I am in this profession for them and that I am obligated by my own conscience to help them. To my fellow nurses, that team work is the key to success. I must recall the need to relate and help my fellow nurses for the betterment of the nursing profession.

I believe that my most important contribution to nursing right now is that I have revolutionized the profession in more than one way. In this regard, I have encouraged my fellow nurses to take the profession as a calling that only the chosen few like us can thrive. Additionally, that contribution has ensured that nurses are serious in their work and that they treat the patients with courtesy and respect.


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