Business Essay Example on the Podos Pizza Problem

Published: 2019-12-04
Business Essay Example on the Podos Pizza Problem
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In recent times, business ventures have been reported to be mushrooming on a daily basis at an alarming rate. Some skilled and liberal workers have been reported to abandon their white-collar jobs and dedicated their efforts to businesses. This act is quite recommendable, and they need an applause for such decisions. But the question in mind is that, why should a person make such decisions and also what triggers them to secure such an alternative? If asked in unison they will outline compelling reasons based on the speculations, they have heard from their counterparts. The important reasons presented included; they want quick money; they aspire to be self-employed and reliable rather than being stigmatized as employees, and among others. The fascinating aspect of all this is the reality of business. Can everyone do business? If yes, how? This reason is what brings in the issue of making business decisions before beginning any business. Planning is the pioneer and keynote of business. Secondly, the selection of a proper business environment and opportunity is what foreshadows the full potential of the business. The aim of this essay is to seek the establishment of a pizza business and the locality to be sited.

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The growth and sustainability of a business are highly influenced by the location of the business set up. It defines and predicts the future of your business, the potential customers surrounding the business layout or setting; these are the most valuable assets one has to rely on. In the two setting of business location that is, Bayview Pizza Delivery which is located in the Bayview Arkansas village, and Mountain Villa Pizza located in Mountain Ville Arkansas college town; both have the potential of equally being profitable. However, what brings about their differences, is their location and the potential customers available. Just to mention, the customers for Bayview pizza delivery are the villagers who require the foodstuffs to be delivered to their doorsteps for them to buy. Considerably they are few, and not all of them are willing to purchase the food products. This service is completely different in Mountain Ville pizza whose customers are college students that are in large number together with the faculty, staff, not forgetting of a few other subordinate staff and villagers who go and buy from the store. All this is what brings about profit differences at the end of a year if the outcome is tabulated.

Improving Bayview Home Delivery System

This business venture experiences some challenges, especially in the door to door home delivery system mode. To improve on this issue, the following should be incorporated and implemented:

Creation of an online platform in which the customers can order the food stuff online before doing delivery, rather than delivering when the customer is not willing to buy thus wastage of resources.

Use of mobile phones to inquire orders from customers before delivery, which is comparatively cheaper as compared to hiring cars.

Embrace the use of shortcuts to reach the customers homes.

Invent the use of pedal power like bicycles which is reasonably cheaper as compared to fuel energy.

Buying off your delivery vehicle which is quite economical rather than hiring every time.

Manipulate the customers to make group orders so as to deliver to them at a juncture.

Payment should be made at least twice or once in every month rather than hourly basis.

Introduce an application such as the a retain the point of sale, which can create invoices, menus, bills, register customers and keep records safer, and also they can help to receive and deliver orders on time even during odd hours.

Increasing Mountain Ville Revenues

Towards ensuring that maximum gain of revenues, proper strategies should be laid down. This encompasses the introduction of; good and acceptable business ethics in the business setting such as ensuring proper handling of the customers by your employees. Secondly, embracing the spirit of trustworthy and denounce forms of cheating like giving less change to clients or use of wrong weighing scales, for instance, selling customers less than conventional required the number of foodstuffs. Extend the hours of working this means working until odd hours, dawn and dusk ensuring that either stone remains unturned or cent escapes as a result of not serving customers who are late comers and old mongrels. Incorporate proper communication channels by use of the mobile phones, emails and also online application and making sure that they are answered immediately and promptly. Advertising the foodstuffs for the captivity of the potential customers, recruiting employees with the best reputation and also who have experience may also increase revenues drastically.

Decreasing Mountain Ville Expenses

In order to maximize profits in business, the costs must be reduced to almost minimal, if better profit has to be achieved. Promotion of this aspect is through; purchasing of orders from suppliers in bulk as this promotes the benefit of economies of scale, avoid daily promotions such as gifts, free meals, as these incur further costs which could be saved for alternative investments. Ensure that the target customers are well defined to avoid overcooking or overestimating of foodstuffs to be cooked which automatically may go to waste if customers dont buy in the cause of the day. Advise your employees on how to manage the scarce resources available and avoid being wasteful for instance, in water utilization, use of fat and oil and electricity for cooking and lighting. This aspect minimizes the expenditure of petty cash or decreased profits in general.

Business Selected and Reasons for Selection

Based on my argumentation I have chosen Mountain Ville pizza business. There are relevant doubts concerning the prosperity of the firm. The solid reasons outlined includes; the business is located at a distinct place full of potential customers in large numbers, there are no costs incurred in delivering the foodstuffs to the buyers instead buyers come for them, there is also an element of selling until odd hours of the night. Despite the holidays, there is still room for compensation of the losses incurred at the onset of the pic seasons. It alternatively if the money is well saved during the peak season, it can still get you through the offset period without becoming bankrupt. Profits are comparatively higher at the end of the year; there is the esteemed relation with the supplier who ensures continuous supply throughout the working period.

Prediction for the Next Five Years

With all aspects discussed above, I am confident that within the next five years, the trend of the business would be overwhelming and promising. It would inculcate a bright future for the firm. To sum up, in any organization or business affiliate, the key or principle stakeholder who determines the fate of the business in the management. In the management system, the strategic amendments, plans, and milestones of the manager are what brings about good reputation and implication of business. If they are well navigated the, there is an element of the prosperity of the business.

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