Research Paper Sample on the Physical Education of Students with Disabilities

Published: 2019-05-23
Research Paper Sample on the Physical Education of Students with Disabilities
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In addition, this research is significant because it gauges the effectiveness of the current mechanisms in the physical education of students with disability. Without measuring the success of existing mechanisms, it is impossible to know whether the systems in place are useful or detrimental to the overall goals. The needs of students with disability vary a lot from the needs from students without disability. The research questions the common objective that targets to get students with disability to conform to normal standards. Normal standards refer to the criteria used to establish goals for students without disability. Students with disability by virtue of having unique needs are taught with the goal of getting them to similar levels with other students without disability. Grenier questions the justification of this ideal and its impact on the overall education of students with and without disability in physical education. Consequently, the author proves the significance of the research in arriving at meaningful conclusions whose application could benefit the lives of many.

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In my opinion, the questions that are investigated in the research have been satisfactorily established and I am in agreement with the suppositions made. To begin with, the models of study used were quite effective in gathering firsthand information. Information straight from the source has minimal or no alterations and its credibility is significant and accurate. Moreover, the sentiments expressed such as the importance of inclusion in getting students with disability to interact in the classroom is especially true in my opinion. Getting students to interact will enable the teacher to reach out to them and get them to participate actively in classroom activities which have been shown to increase the effectiveness of learning.

The research design and conclusions were also relevant to the questions under investigation. The information was appropriately obtained and analyzed. In addition, the conclusions were based on solid principles arising from extensive research by several significant studies. Conclusions such as the importance of social inclusion in the classroom and its effectiveness in getting students with disability to participate in the classroom are highly applicable in determining the policies that can be used to increase the effectiveness of teaching students with disability not just physical education, but also other subjects as specified by the education system. In addition, the research concluded that in the education of students in general, it is important to appreciate the differences in students with and with no disability. By appreciating these differences, it is possible to come up with structures that can be used to improve the existing systems to be more effective in facilitating learning for students with and without disability. Consequently, the research design is suitable for the research area and effectively answers the research questions raised.

Moreover, the conclusion that students with disability need a curriculum that increases interaction with peers is relevant on a social and educational level. Learners with disability are not only faced with educational challenges, but also social challenges that arise form stigma or lack of accommodation by the social structures. The social structures may hinder the educational and social progress of students with disability because they are excluded by a non-supportive environment. Consequently, the social needs of students with disability may not be met and influences negatively on all developmental aspects of their life in a sequence of exponential events. The research design is successful in raising these issues and providing useful conclusions in solving existing problems.

The design used to answer the research questions was qualitative. A qualitative analysis was carried out to establish the answers to the research questions. The qualitative analysis conducted included interviews and case studies. Moreover, aside from the primary sources of information used, secondary sources were also used to answer the research questions.

The sampling techniques was however inadequate to the research. This is because the number of students with disability is considerably greater than the sample used to investigate the research questions. Consequently, the conclusions arrived at based on the sample collected may be significantly different from the actual facts. The research in my opinion would have been more effective if a larger sample was used as the primary source. Consequently, conclusions would have been based on a significant populace that would be more accurate in painting a picture of the actual situation.

The choices of data collection procedures were appropriate to the research aims based on the nature of the research. The primary sources were important in this study because it involved studying the situation on the ground as it is. In addition, this research was based on investigation of practical implementation of theories and it was therefore necessary to incorporate actual observation together with the secondary sources of information. In order to compare the theories that influenced past and present structures, it was important to have secondary sources. Moreover, secondary sources were important in obtaining comparison of the various approaches to the research under consideration. The secondary sources not only gave credible answers to the research questions, but were also pivotal in giving important theoretical backgrounds that influence existing and previous policies in the field of research into the education of children with disabilities.

The data co...

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