The Outbreak of the Coronavirus. Free Essay

Published: 2023-10-16
The Outbreak of the Coronavirus. Free Essay
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December 31, 2019

The coronavirus outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, China. I got this news on my television when I was preparing to go back to university in January. The World Health Organization had affirmed the outbreak as a Public health Emergency and declared that it was an international concern. These are the news that affected me negatively because I was not sure of what the next. I was very confused when I heard that the virus has not yet gotten the vaccine. I was very determined to go back to school to finish my course. My uncle, who lives in Italy, had promised to help me get a job in his company. What made me worry more was that there were no more social gatherings. Everybody was to remain in the house. I did not believe that I was not going to socialize with my football club members. I was not the only one affected by the news because my friends called me the same day to ask me if I was aware of that shocking news.

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On January 30, 2020

The news about Covid-19 shocked me when they were declared that it was already a pandemic. Many countries were closing their boundaries, and there was minimal movement. The news affected me negatively when my country declared that there were no classes, all classes were to be conducted online by our professors. The news affected me when the world declare that there was no social contact between people. More so, the State became worse when the economy had to shut down. There was nowhere to shop because many malls had to be closed down. At this period, everybody was staring at the television to hear if there were any changes. It is the day I spend a lot of hours on television, listening to the news to listen to any changes. Earlier, there were rumors that in Italy, there was more than five hundred death. When I remember my uncle and my cousins were living in the country, I was very much affected.

June 28, 2020

This is the day that the television brought me the best news that I was longing for long. I was very eager to hear the city where I live will be opened. I was very tired of staying indoors after the curfew that was declared in early January. There were rumors that the curfew was about to end, but I was wondering when. I had planned to check on my members of the football club whom we had spent many months without seeing each other. I was bored watching movies all alone in the house. My parents had also restricted me from visiting my neighbors. Nothing was going on normally. On this day, my coach had also organized how we could meet though we had to observe the social distance. Moreover, wearing the masks was a routine that was not going to change soon. After all, I was used to it because I had to wear it on my way to the nearby kiosk where I was picking milk daily. When I received the news that the curfew was no more in Texas, I was overjoyed, and the news affected me positively after many months. I am sure the whole Texas society was too happy to receive their freedom back even though they have to walk around with their masks.

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