Check Free Essay with a Marketing Plan for the California Fitness Center Newsletter

Published: 2019-11-18
Check Free Essay with a Marketing Plan for the California Fitness Center Newsletter
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The Name of the Newsletter

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The name of the newsletter is California Fitness Centre. The name should explain more information regarding the organization for it to attract the attention of the customers. The tagline for the newspaper is to attract new junior and senior members.

California Fitness Center Mission and goals

California Fitness Center mission is to be the leading fitness organization in the region within the next five years. The organization wants to promote quality services to their clients. In addition, it wants to open new branches in various parts of the country. What is more, California Fitness Center wants to ensure that they are able to attract new junior and senior members to their organization.

The person to read the Newsletter

The person who would be reading the newsletter will be the chairperson selected to management the program. The person would be knowledgeable regarding the objectives and goals of the organization. In addition, it will include the type of services to be offered in the new local sports club.

Possible Problems

Some of the problems that the news latter is likely to have is the method that would be used in distributing it to all the regions. Also, the government has established strict rules and regulations regarding the distribution of newsletters in the city. The second problem is the financial aspects since it is likely to cost huge amount of money while printing them.

The market analysis of California Fitness Center presents several opportunities. It also contains some challenges that needs to be addressed within the shortest time possible. This can be achieved through using the SWOT analysis as a strategy of determining the market. One of the strengths of the organization is the location. The firm is situated in a conducive environment which can be easily located. Within the last few years, California Fitness Center has been able to increase the number of the members from 120-456. This indicates that the company is likely to maximize on that number in the next few years. California Fitness Center is the lack of sensitization of the services to their customers. This can be achieved through the following ways.

Other Types of Marketing Piece

The other types of marketing piece that would include in the newsletter is the location of the local sports club. This would ensure that the clients are able to locate it without many difficulties. Also, the types of services to be offered in the sports club would be included in the newsletter. The piece will work well through the addition of various photos that is likely to appeal to the customers.

Emailing Periods of the Newsletter

The newsletter would be mail every month to their desired destination. This is to ensure that the organization has adequate time to prepare for the next shipment. The services offered and the location of California Fitness Centre should be in every issue of the newsletter.

Newsletter Masthead

The newsletter should have a professional masthead that is more attractive in nature. This would be the first thing to attract the attention of the customers. In most cases, the masthead usually determines the information that is likely to be found inside the newsletter.

Company Logo

The newsletter has the company Logo that would act as a trademark for California Fitness Centre. The logo should also be related to the type of services that is likely to be offered in the new sports club. The newsletter name reflects some of the companys goals and objectives. The newsletter has also a tagline that tells the reader what to do. This includes, how they can contact the company for further clarifications. In addition, there is a mini-masthead at the back of the page that explain more about the company. The newsletter has an adequate for a main article page.

Checklist for Article copy

The newsletters give almost all the information that tends to answer all the questions that customers may want to ask. In addition, it provides the companys contact, which customers can use to get more information. The writing of the newsletter has personality that gives the reader detailed explanations. The newsletter also reflects the values and style of the company. The newsletter needs a copyright permission to forbid other people from using their logos.

Core competencies

California Fitness Center to use its core competencies to achieve competitive advantage over other firms in the region. Already, the organization has started a program of training most of their employees in service delivery. This is to ensure that the service delivery must be of high quality. What is more, it has started a marketing strategy of creating awareness of the services they offer to customers.

One of the strategies that California Fitness Center should use to market their services is through consumer education. The organization can be able to do this through offering free seminars, and education meetings to enlighten the people on the new services being delivered in that place. In addition, California Fitness Centre should publicize their activities through such forums by giving detail explanations of how the members will benefit from it. Seminars are one of the best ways of educating consumers since it provides a one-on-one feedback with the clients. The consumer should also try to ask any questions that they feel they need further clarification. California fitness Center can also write articles for magazines and newspaper and give talk shows and conferences. The use of newspaper will ensure that their information can reach a wide area compared to seminars (Cowell, 2010). As such, the organization should use photos that are more appealing to the customers. In most cases, people are likely to read articles that have attractive photos in them, as such; California Fitness Centre should hire a professional who would promote the organization through taking quality photos. With an education marketing strategy, it important to remember not to include the prices of the services but only the benefits that the consumers are likely to get from the organization (Cowell, 2010). In most cases, consumers prefer to know how they would benefit from that program. California Fitness Center should outline all the various ways such as reducing weights, getting fitness and making the body be flexible as some the areas that consumers will benefit.

Referral is another marketing of service strategy that California Fitness Center should use to attract new juniors and senior members. One of the best strategies of marketing services is the word of mouth. A satisfied customer is likely to tell another person regarding the services he/she received at a place. As such, the organization should ensure that they satisfy all their customers for them to market their services to their friends and families. California Fitness Center can also offer a cash bonus for each referral they send to other customers (Hoffman, 2011). This would motivate them to send more referrals to other people; in return, the organization would be marketing its services to more clients in the region. Motivation is an element that could be used to turn the old customers to act as their agents. For example, the organization can offer free services for a customer who markets their services to more than five people. This would motivate more people to continue acting as agents for that organization. Most of the successful firms in the world have benefited with referral as one of their marketing strategies.

Researchers have proved that customers are likely to be shy of tasting any service if they are not sure of how it is being done. The only way of getting consumers to trust such new services is through giving them a free demonstration. In such cases, the demonstrating should highlight all the areas that the clients are likely to benefit. In that light, California Fitness Centre should train people whose work will be to visit certain places and give a demonstration on some of the services the people are likely to find in that organization (Hoffman, 2011). This strategy would appeal to more people who would want to try out the new fitting center in the region. Offering free demonstrations helps ease the concerns of consumers regarding the type of services offered in a new organization (Hoffman, 2011). In addition, demonstrations also create a good public image with the clients, as they can relate well with the services being offered. Another benefit of demonstration is the ability of the organization to market its services through giving out news cards to the public.

The Target Market

The target market for California Fitness Center is the people of the local region. However, the organization wants to expand to other places within the next few months after it has achieved its target.


In conclusion, California Fitness Center should employ some of the strategies mentioned above to satisfy their consumers. The firm is likely to benefit from such strategies, as it would reach out to more people in the region. In addition, the use of such methods would give the organization a competitive advantage over other firms in the region.


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