The Most Inspiring Challenge in Education

Published: 2017-07-12
The Most Inspiring Challenge in Education
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Born and raised in Richmond California, where general statistics are, most do not accomplish much because of their circumstances. Whereas I myself graduated from Kennedy High School with a 3.2 and went straight to college. Now attending Alabama, A&M University to study youth criminology. Despite the fact that I am born into a low-income family that consist of five sisters and two brothers. I for one always knew there was more to life. Just knowing the fact that most Richmond residents nearly made it to high school. Let alone even making it to see the age of 18, is what made me push harder. I had to leave my hometown to become happy with myself and my accomplishments. I kept myself on track while in school. Knowing the fact that I have sibling looking up to me, is what made me keep going. I have made many accomplishments that I am very proud to speak of such as academic scholarships, multiple internships within the law side, awards and many more.

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My most inspiring challenge was teaching myself how life works. Although times got rough, depressing, and lonely. I manage to still wake up every morning and strive for a better life. This world and even the closest people to you, may bring you to your lowest point, but you have to believe in yourself and never lose faith. Transpiring from a huge family you may not seek the attention you need as a child growing up in the " Hood". Therefore, the best way to learn is to teach yourself.

As I got older certain situations started to get rough and times got lonely. Life had gotten hard for me. I was tired of all the negative remarks and actions I had been put throughout my childhood. Not to mention not being able to have a relationship with your parents while going through tough times when you are a child can definitely mold you down. Mainly when you are taking their responsibilities into your own hands.

I have been through multiple death traumas, abandoned nights, and restless days while still maintaining a 3.0 in school, while also making sure my siblings was doing the same. I used to ask myself when are you going to start living for yourself. There were even times I cried and wipe my own tears because I had to do everything for me and my siblings on my own. Although times were hard I did not give up.

Even though I had no one to guide me throw this cruel world, I did not let that be an excuse for me to mess up in life. I went through school hearing you are not smart enough to get into college your attitude will not get you anywhere. All my life I was surrounded by negativity because of one`s failures. However, knowing myself I just took all of the insults and turned them into compliments to keep me going. I always had this dream of being a juvenile counselor. And all because I did not give up on myself. I am getting the experiences and education of being a college student here at Alabama A&M University. I am a very strong, independent, and intelligent young lady. Whom gotten over many obstacles in life by just hoping, preying, and doing the right things. I for one know to never give up on my hopes and dreams, because one day all of my dreams will turn into reality.

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