Free Paper Sample on School Policy

Published: 2022-09-08
Free Paper Sample on School Policy
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Based on the current at-risk situation affecting students in their various learning environments, there is a need to come up with an effective school policy whose aim is to provide better outcomes in such individuals. This has prompted me to address the Department of Education (DOE) board members concerning the need for a proper intervention program for the students suffering from serious and chronic behavioral conditions which are the results of their individual cultural perspectives. This is therefore to inform the DOE board members that we have children with such problems and a suggested way to help them is to established a policy in the form of a program which would shape their behaviors and the change would be observed based on their interactions while at school.

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Intervention Program in the Case Study

I suggest the Supporting Good Behavior Program (SGBP) which had been tested in some academic institutions and worked for the cases of students suffering from serious and chronic behavioral problems. The goal of the program is to ensure that every student irrespective of their behavioral status can be able to fit in the regular classroom and interact with others and the school environment effectively. The program works when the students are housed in the SGBP classrooms and then to the normal ones in an alternating manner. This strategy is pt in place to ensure that they are made to adopt the regular class conditions and at the same time, they are not made to withdraw suddenly from the SGBP conditions (Wiedmeyer, 2013). The program can, however, be modified to provide better services to the students by for instance having a regular basis for which the students are placed in the regular and SGBP classrooms. The period during which they are housed in the regular learning environments should be more to ensure that it takes them a relatively shorter time to adapt to the normal conditions of learning. Through this, the school will have succeeded in manipulating the behavioral aspects of the students; they will be able to adapt to the regular learning environment and the overall impact will be a considerable change in their behaviors.

Interventions in Scholarly Journals

Culture-Based Education and its Relationship on Student Outcomes

This article tends to determine the effectiveness of culture-based education when utilized as a proper intervention program to the students who have different cultural backgrounds other than that of their peers and which is affecting their educational life. The author gives the instances of the Native Hawaiian Students as the major victims of cultural issues in their academic programs. For the students, the cultural situations would have the adverse effect on their performance at various levels and departments while at school, therefore, an effective interventional program is necessary to save their situation (Kana'iaupuni, Ledward, & Jensen, 2010). Based on their cultural differences and the possible risks associated with their condition, the author of the article suggests the culture based education to enable them to receive education services just like the other students in the regular learning conditions.

This program can be effectively aligned with the modified policy since both are aimed at ensuring that the students in question are influenced to adopt the regular ways of operation in an academic setting. The culture-based approach serves as a way through the social worker is trying to make them disregard their individual cultural perspectives gradually and adopt the conventional way of operation in a school setting. The role of the social worker in this context is to enable the students to adopt the standard culture of the school rather than their own cultural perspectives and this applies to both situations (Kana'iaupuni, Ledward & Jensen, 2010). This is important since a universal cultural way of life for all students is necessary so that others do not appear to have unique behavioral perspectives. Moreover, it is essential to make the students not to develop any form of behaviors out of low-self esteem since some cultural perspectives would be considered relatively inferior in society.

Spirituality in Social Work: Therapists' Perspectives on the Role of Spirituality Within their Practice

This scholarly article investigates on the effectiveness of the spiritual-based intervention to the behavioral issues affecting the students in their various academic environments. According to Wiedmeyer (2013), the authors of the article recognize that very little is known on the need for the spiritual-based based approach to the community work practice specifically to the behavioral problem cases affecting students. Moreover, many therefore tend to disregard this type of intervention however the article reports that it is one of the most effective through which the behavioral issues with a student can be easily solved. The intervention is important since the social worker involved will tend to be more persuasive and the victim of the problem will be handled with more practice unlike most of the approaches that have been tried in the field of social work. the program can be aligned with the manipulated policy in that the social work practitioner involved will be striving to ensure that the students change their behaviors and adopt the course that is common among the students, and most importantly that is important for their health as well.


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