Essay Sample on The Latent Growth of the Vanguard Group

Published: 2023-03-29
Essay Sample on The Latent Growth of the Vanguard Group
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The aim of this memo is to explain the latent growth of the Vanguard Group into the Antarctican bazaar and search for all the required funding to accomplish this mission. This expansion into Antarctica will play a significant role in increasing the publicity of the company globally. Vanguard will spread its mutual fund's provide services to different selected countries all over specific Antarctican countries that will help reach a large segment of the population that requires brokerage services, annuities, management of assets, and trust services.

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Vanguard Inc. currently has significant branches in the continents of America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. However, there has been an unpredictable policy environment that has been increasing over the years and has played a major role in the reduction of economic activities all over the world due to production declines and investments that are postponed all the time. With inflation expected to remain tight in most of the other continents' countries, there arises a need for the company to expand its activities to Antarctica to reduce the risks that may happen from the trade tensions, especially in Asia and America.

In Antarctica, the slow growth faced in most of the continents' countries will create a good opportunity for the market to use more useful valuations that will upgrade the equity outlook of this company in the next few years. Expanding to Antarctica will provide long-term benefits as the returns from the service provider will increase due to the increasing policy rates and more long-term yields of the bonds.

The website source "Vanguard Lingers To Lessen the Cost of Financing With Growth of a Platform that is Commission-free Afar ETFs" by Vanguard (2020) will play a significant role in explaining the initial investments of the company, its worth and where it is located. It will also provide a website to help learn more about the company. The second source, "Vanguard Group starts a financing research that impulses free ETF trading to its maximum" by Rosenbaum (2018), will help to explain the plans that Vanguard Group has and the possible reasons it could be expanding to Antarctica. It also explains why, with the expansion, it is most likely to expand at a fast rate in the different countries it chooses to invest in Antarctica.


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Vanguard. (2020, January 2). Vanguard Continues To Lower the Cost of Investing With Expansion of Commission-Free Platform Beyond ETFs. Retrieved from

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