The Juxtaposition Between Christianity and Islam - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-06-01
The Juxtaposition Between Christianity and Islam - Essay Sample
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Christianity and Islam are the two remarkable religions that are honed on the planet. Both Christianity and Islam are extraordinary in their specific manner disregarding the way that they depict their religious traditions that look to put God as the focal being for which they live to take after whatever he anticipates from his adherents (Bialecki, Haynes and Robbins 1140). This exposition seeks to make a comparison between Islam and Muslim, the factors that make the two religions to be unique and appealing and possible reasons towards preferring Islam to Christianity.

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Both Islam and Christians believe in God as the sole creator of the universe and its contents. For instance, Islam believes that God (Allah) created the earth later created Adam and Eve and that Allah uniquely created Adam and Eve. Similarly, Christianity portrays the same kind of belief in the perspective that in six days, God created the universe but made Adam and Eve on the sixth day to fill the earth and subdue it. The fact that Christians believe in God as the sole creator of humans and the universe is featured in Genesis 1: 26 which outlines the same idea that Muslims believe about God creating humans in his likeness and unique way.

Regarding the aspects of morality and ethics, both Christians and Muslims seem to portray similarities. For instance, Muslims consider that the individuals who live under the influence of evil morals will be judged and that Muslims value is sharing to avoid encouraging inequality in material possession. Christians also believe in virtues and wrong behavior and its consequences on the judgment day. Even though they value sharing, they are not obliged to eradicating inequality since they believe earthily riches sway Christians away from the Kingdom of God.

Regarding the sacred texts, Christianity values two Testaments of the Bible, the Old and the New Testament. The bible is considered a Holy book that God uses to communicate what he expects from human beings (Asad 27). On the other hand, Muslims believe the Quran to be the only holy book and the verbatim of the word of Allah. The unique thing about Christianity and Islam is in the perspectives of the rituals that they portray. Regarding Bialecki et al. (1139), Christianity rituals are not as strict as those of Islam. In Islam, the confession of faith pillar, Ramadhan, Zakat or Sawm are among the routines that cannot be foregone by any follower of Islam.

The most vital celebration in Christians has remained to be the commemoration of the death and rising of Jesus Christ. It is usually considered to be a week of dedication to show how thankful Christians are after Jesus died to pay their death debt. In that manner, Christians commemorate the death of Jesus Christ as a way to show that they are thankful for the gift of life and the ransom that Jesus paid for everyone who calls on the name of God and Jesus not to die, but to be saved. Christians also celebrate Christmas as the day that Jesus was born into the world. The event takes place every 25 days of December. On the other hand, Muslim celebrate Ramadhan. According to Ramadhan calendar, the dates vary. 2020 Ramadhan started on 23 April, and it is set to end on 23 April 2020. During Ramadhan, Muslims fast and pray as they reflect on their lives as a measure of calling upon Allah to forgive them their sins.

In summation, Christianity and Islam portray various factors that depict similarities with lots of others that represent differences concerning the religion. Some of the differences are hilarious and try to make the doctrines as unique as possible regarding the worldview of religions. Christians value marriages, consider living together before marriage to be a sin but still show loose concern for people who violate the ritual. Also, Christians believe that sex before marriage is a sin and fornicators need to seek repentance. Still, there are numerous instances that offenders maintain a higher position in the Christian churches without confessing. With all the above in mind, I, therefore, prefer to be an Islam than a Christian since they strictly follow their virtues.

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