Effective Teaching Essay Sample

Published: 2019-04-26
Effective Teaching Essay Sample
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What teaching methods are being used effectively and ineffectively?

Teaching is an important career in life as it is always a builder of a nation and the world at large, through knowledge acquisition. For a teaching process to be successful there is need for consideration of several key factors that will ensure the learning process is beneficial to its consumers who are the students. Observations made from one teacher who teaches students mathematics encompassed a number of aspects about teaching. The teacher had good student-teacher relation, a factor which is primal in a learning platform. Additionally, the teacher also involved students during the lesson, by asking them questions and letting them ask questions in areas where they had not understood. Deviation from topic and using real-life experiences in explaining certain theories is also a key factor that the teacher used to enhance student's understanding of what was being taught. Despite the fact that deviation from the topic is an effective teaching method, too much exploitation of the technique switches the students' minds away from class. It is important for the teacher to know all his/her students, by their names as far as teaching is concerned. The teacher under observation knew only a small fraction of the students, and these were the ones she actively engaged in her teaching; this is an ineffective teaching method.

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Discuss any disappointments you saw in the classroom

Students lacked proper learning skills; most of them were fidgeting while the teacher was explaining key points. Many cases of students yawning while being taught influenced the teacher's remission during the lesson. Lack of concentration during class-time is a big disappointment, majority of students suffered from this. Focus on non-academic issues when a lesson is being taught shows how much uninterested the learners are in being taught. Paying so much attention in simple mistakes made by a teacher, mostly with regards to pronunciation is a turn down observed from students. Some students were sleeping in the middle of the lesson, making it hard for the teacher to execute her lesson as she had planned.

Discuss any great success stories you saw in the classroom.

Despite the many shortcomings during the lesson, it is also important to note that there was always a student who was ready to attempt a question suppose a teacher had asked and also ask suppose he/she has not understood. When students ask and attempt questions, this shows that there is acquisition of knowledge and the class is lively. Students were their own brothers' keepers, at instances where a desk mate fell asleep; he/she would be woken up by the person next to him/her.

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