Marketing Essay Example on the Apple Watch

Published: 2019-05-14
Marketing Essay Example on the Apple Watch
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Problem definition and statement of objectives example

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An introduction of the Apple watch to the market would mean a new product for consumers. However, there are already existing products almost similar to the Apple watch and therefore without a vigorous introduction to the market the Apple watch may not attract as many customers as intended. In this research the main objective is to ensure that the Apple watch attracts as many customers as possible and increase its sales. The problem definition is: To identify best marketing strategies and determine how the sales of Apple watches can be increased.

Creation of the research design

Qualitative research helps readers to understand social phenomena by looking at certain concepts in natural settings. Focus is placed on the experience and views of the participants in the research. This research will use a qualitative research approach. Use of qualitative method is based on the kind of problem to be solved, which needs the participation of a small sample of random participants. Data from the participants can be collected randomly and data analysis is based on insight and concepts. As much as the data is collected from a small sample, the mode of data collection can give an in depth look into the issue. Ethnographic design will be applied in this research because it is an interactive research method. It will allow and requires systematic observation, interviewing and recording of subjects and data.

Research method

In this research data will be collected from both primary and secondary sources. In formation will be collected from surveys by the use of questionnaires. Randomly selected volunteers will be selected to fill the questionnaires which will have questions touching on Apple watch. The number of participants will be 30-50 to allow a wide range of response from a questionnaire with more questions. Collecting primary data can be challenging in terms of financial aspects and time, but can deliver more reliable response. Secondary data will be collected from books, journal and researches carried out on similar marketing issues. Secondary sources can also be found from Apple company records. Use of online data from reliable websites and articles on marketing topics will also be used to collect secondary data.

Sampling section

This research will involve many different target audiences. It is therefore appropriate to carefully choose the type of sampling to be used. A nonprobability sample will be the best option in this case because the research is about a product that can be used by different target audiences. The participants in this research will be selected from different age groups between the ages of 18 years old to 40 years old. The participants will also involve potential customers from both sexes i.e. male or female. Another criteria used to select the sample will be different income level, level of education and activities. As far as activities are involved, finding participants who take part in different activities will give a better understanding of the importance and relevance of the Apple watch. The selected sample will include individuals who have previously used Apple products and those that have not used the Apple products, but prefer other mobile phone brands such as Samsung. The participant will take part in the research voluntarily.

Data Collection

Data collection is a critical issue as the method of data collection can determine the credibility of response given. Participants of this research will be given every detail about the research, its purpose and importance of their response. Their response will also be anonymous. By explaining what the research is all about and confirming to the participant that their response will be private then they can give their honest opinion on the question on the questionnaire and, therefore, an honest foundation for getting the solution to the research problem. The participants will be given an open room and five minutes to fill the questionnaires and the process will be voluntarily. Participants that cannot spend the allocated time and wish to take part in the research will leave their contacts and appropriate times to be called for telephone interviews or have the questionnaires sent to their email address.

Data Analysis

In this qualitative research the data analysis method will take a deductive approach where the research question will be used to group the data and analysis of similarities and differences will be acknowledges and criticized. So as to balance the amount of resources available, deductive approach will be the best suitable methods of data analysis. Data analysis will include comparison of findings in this current research compared to previous researches. Use of charts and tables will be significant to bring in actual numbers and reduce error margin.

Write and Present Research report

The research report will have six different sections. The first part will be the title page which will include the name of the research, what the research is about and when it was conducted. The second section will be the table of content which will highlight the most important parts of the research and the specific titles and page numbers to ease navigation on the report. The executive summary will be the third section of the report where the summary of the whole report will be in a quick and simple way. The executive summary will be followed by the methodology and limitation section which will focus on the research design and how the research was conducted. In this section data collection, sampling and selection of sample will also be explained.

A research cannot be perfect there is an error margin and it is in the methodology section that the error will be mentioned. The fifth section will focus on the findings of the research. This section will focus on the statistics of the research based on the data collected from both the primary and secondary sources. The final section of the research will be the recommendation. In this section a suggestion in terms of opinion on what should be done will be given based on the findings of the research with a consideration of the research problem. The research report will be written in Times Roman font 12 double spaced.

Follow Up

The recommendations made were followed and made a difference as far as the research problem is concerned. However, there is a need for more research when it comes to marketing research on Apple watch. A research on a possible way of coming up with better versions of Apple watches that would dominate the competing products must be conducted. If a superior model of Apple watch is created and produced then marketing the product would be easier.

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