The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-03-14
The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence - Essay Sample
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Technology has advanced significantly since the 20th century, with essential improvement in the way humans perform tasks. Technological advancement is developing rapidly as a result of the quest for sophistication. China, the United States, Russia, among others, are among the leading countries that have adapted to the use of artificial intelligence. The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research in its report (2017) defined Artificial Intelligence as an area of scientific development that deals with the invention of intelligent machines that work as humans and maximizes efficiency and success. AI is a trend hailed as the next face of the industrial revolution; however, its benefits are present as damages in other places and sectors.

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AI has the potential of increasing the global economic output by around 16% by 2030 (Wladawsky-Berger, 2018). Banking and financial institutions have incorporated AI to manage astronomical statistical data and in turn, increase chances of accuracy. Microsoft's Azure cognitive services that include APIs and SDKs are helping developers to create useful applications that can see, hear, speak, understand and reason. Example of cognitive service applications is the Microsoft Docs and Bing in computers. China is one of the high tech development countries that has held high its strive for AI with its recent development of very sophisticated robots. However, in some companies such as Foxconn, Robots have taken over jobs that were initially executed by humans leading to leading to thousands of people being left jobless. Some of the broad categories of AI advancements include computer vision, virtual assistants, advanced machine learning, natural language, and advanced robotic automation process. Yet, in December 2018, through machine teaching and learning, several videos were uploaded on porn sites featuring some top international celerity female faces. This was due to the face-swapping technology leading to the production of fake videos. This process was a violation of the law and led to social discrimination of the victims.

AI has vastly been applied in the processes of drug formulation in medical research in the USA, Germany and other more technologically developed countries. According to Lamberti et al. (2019), before AI, pharmaceutical formulators solely relied on data generated by equipment such as titration and centrifuge machines, but now, AI has the ability to predict a patient's reaction before they are placed on a treatment drug. However, in Florida's Jupiter Hospital, IBM Watson AI that was designed to help in cancer treatment gave out wrong treatment recommendations causing fatal consequences. In India, where there are highly skilled doctors, biased data has led to biased algorithms which have, in turn, aggravated the disparities in health care. In the United States, Researchers have applied AI in developing a treatment for new diseases through genetic engineering tools. However, according to the news on Express Magazine (2019), a Chinese used AI in gene modification and created a monkey-pig hybrid. This process is risky and unethical because if done to humans, the chances of survival are minimal.

Most of these countries, including Sweden, and Russia, have also adopted the use of AI in transport by using tools that convert traffic sensors into intelligent managers that detect and report any problems such as accidents. However, in China, an AI in the Southern City of Ningbo mistakenly recognized a photo of Mingzhu Dong on an ad put on a moving bus as a Jaywalker. This is a dangerous mistake that makes AI a future security threat. Additionally, AI has been used to counter terrorism in most countries around the globe and at the same time used by terrorists to launch attacks. In 2016, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) made its first real attack by machine drones killing many warriors in the North of Iraq.

To make AIs universally beneficial, there is a need to apply the use of universal designs in developing the systems. The solutions to the problems of security are accurately conveyed the picture of specific AIs and the current capabilities. In cases like the killer drone that killed Islamic warriors, the AI machines need to be confident to do what a human mean when they give instructions and not only what they are told to do. This will help eliminate cases of undesired accidents such as wrong face recognition and incorrect diagnosis.

In conclusion, AI has proven to be useful in many countries such as the USA, Germany and China but also dangerous in areas where there is misapplication. In the USA, AI has led to the development of technologies that are used to counter terrorism while in Syria and Iraq, the same technique is used in bombing the North. To solve the problems, the right tool and universal designs should be used in developing these systems.


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