Essay Sample on Nursing Performance Appraisal

Published: 2022-11-07
Essay Sample on Nursing Performance Appraisal
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Performance appraisal refers to the process and practice in which an organization periodically and systematically assesses the productivity and job performance of individual employees to determine the extent to which they are helping meet the organizational objectives. In nursing organizations, such appraisals are mostly aimed at improving the quality of services and care offered to patients, enhancing the productivity or competency of nurses, and furthering nurses' personal growth or development (Kahya & Oral, 2018).

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The performance appraisal system used in my workplace is the general appraisal. Under this performance assessment system, the nursing organization ensures that there are constant communication and interactions between the employees and top management at all times. What happens under this form of the performance appraisal system is that the managers set specific goals and objectives that are to be met by all employees and put in place goal monitoring systems and feedback mechanisms. They then provide feedback and assessments.

In my organization, performance standards are created in various ways. First, particular standards such as patient safety and quality of care are customized during the employee selection process and instilled in new recruits. Further, these standards are made part and parcel of the healthcare organization's culture and are instilled in every member. The organization also sets standards using quantitative and qualitative measures such as customer feedback, output, number of complaints, the percentage of patients cared for, time, errors committed, and evaluations. These standards are also communicated to employees through job training, feedback mechanisms, coaching, and ongoing interactions between employees and managers.

One of the strengths of the organization's performance appraisal process or system is that it has led to the overall success of the facility in achieving the desired patient outcomes and guaranteeing high-quality care for patients. According to Youssif, Eid, and Safan (2017), performance appraisal systems improve the job satisfaction levels of nurses and empower them to provide high-quality services and care to their patients. Another benefit is that it has enhanced the performance of nurses, provided a basis for the organization's future planning, and enabled an assessment of the achievement of organizational goals. For, as Gesme and Wiseman (2011) explain, performance appraisals affect employee and organizational performance by creating clear expectations and providing a basis for taking corrective actions for future improvements. However, the two areas which still need improvement are employee rewards or promotion and personal growth and development systems which seem to have been ignored.

In conclusion, I might incorporate positive discipline in my performance management approach by using disciplinary feedback, providing incentives for good behavior, setting goals, using motivating techniques, punishing misconduct and recognizing achievements, and creating a positive environment and culture for positive discipline. The effect that this incorporation will have is that it will increase employee attitudes, performance, productivity, and job satisfaction.


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