The House With The Ocean View and Other Artworks in a Free Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-13
The House With The Ocean View and Other Artworks in a Free Essay Sample
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This is a brilliant example of artwork made in alternative media. It belongs to the genre performance artwork. The artist who came up with this piece is called Marina Abramovic. She is popularly identified with artwork performances that are associated with extreme bodily endurance. For instance, in her artistic work, The House With The Ocean View, she demonstrated complete endurance. This involves her not eating, speaking, reading or writing whenever she was on public view.

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Her stage public view was isolated and divided into three spaces where Marina performed her artwork. She spent the twelve days focusing her energy and attention on daily activities. The primary role of viewers in her performance was to provide audience. Marina would interact with her viewers using all other ways except verbal. These include: body language, facial expressions and gestures.

This was rather a draining performance and for that reason I would have turned down the offer to participate in such artwork.

Yoko Ono Wish Tree for Liverpool.

This here is the artwork of an artist by the name Yoko Ono. Yoko Onos piece is an example of Conceptual Art. The primary goal of conceptual art is to promote ideas that are in artists and that have an artistic perspective. The major shortcoming of this type of art is that it downplays artworks making them look a lot like mere products and not unique ideas.

Yoko Onos wish tree was more of writing down ones wishes on a piece of paper, folding it and using the paper to cover a branch of the wish tree. This process is repeated over and over by different persons until all the branches are covered with wishes. The media used here is a piece of paper and a tree. The role of the viewers is to participate in writing doen their wishes and tying them around branches of wish tree. Since the viewers have their hands on deck, they are considered active viewers.KETC | Living St. Louis | Tara Donovan

From personal research, the artwork of a New York artist by the name Tara Donovan stole my attention. Her creativity of using plastic cups and straws to come up with something surprisingly complex is fascinating and mind-blowing. She uses them as building blocks to undulating wall of straws that is nothing like your ordinary artwork. The media uses by Tara Donovan include televisions and museum shows. However, it is practically impossible to appreciate this piece of art using a two dimensional television.

This is a perfect example of installation art. The viewers are art fanatics and it is not hard to see why they are so interested in her work. Such kinds of creations are used in floors, ceilings and even walls and a lot of viewers have become familiar with the same. Some of the viewers have even played roles in promoting her work through fitting her in art museum schedules and showcasing it to the world increasing popularity.

The good thing about this type of artwork can be experienced in real life unlike others that are only known through photography and films. When it comes to a question of the kind of viewers Tara Donovan attracts; there are both active and passive. Those who get to witness Taras artwork in real life and promote her directly are active whereas those that only witness it on the screens and reading materials are passive.

Personally, I would definitely like to participate in Tara Donovans work? This is a unique and extra-ordinary line of thought with ideas that are not generated by average people on a normal day. It is a massive inspiration and the next generation of future artwork.

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