Free Essay Example: The Horror Movies

Published: 2023-03-12
Free Essay Example: The Horror Movies
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Horror films are intended to beseech human buried vilest fears, primarily through the shocking climax and terrifying scenes. The films are unnerving and meant to scare, cause trepidation, panic, and apprehension among viewers. Most horror movies depict the dark side of life, always dwelling on events that are eccentric and upsetting. Themes in horror movies revolve around human primal nature and fears such as vulnerability, alienation, disgust, and terror of the unknown. Besides, the fear of death, sexual assault, dismemberment, nightmares, and loss of identity are always entrenched in horror films (Nunes 2015 Pp. 1-18). In this paper, the intention is to respond to critique on horror movies based on the assertions made on the New York Times article of 17th July 2011. The effect of horror movies is assessed in this paper to highlight the progress the genre has made.

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Horror movies are indeed trending in this century, mostly accessible in various media and social platforms. Emerging films characterized by bloodbath, vampires, zombies, serial killers, and werewolves continue to attract a good number of fans across the age bracket. However, most people enjoy the thrill of the terrifying and disgusting films that raise our adrenaline. Scholars suggest that horror films have equal measures of repelling and attracting customers (Mason & Joshua 2019 Pp. 3). In response to the article, horror films include emerging science fiction movies, fantasy, and supernatural movies associating major characters in horrible acts of madman and killer acts.

'It's Alive' is one of the films that revolutionized the horror movie industry, escalating fear to its extremes. It is complicated to imagine that your child can be satanically incarnated, psychotic, and deformed. The development of such a film in early 1974 is a sure genius of the film industry, seeking to unwrap fears which reside among humans. In essence, the horror film gives an insight into the ordeal that arises right from conceiving until the development of a child.

Many people fear to raise children, and this movie offers an end to the reasonable fear of just raising children to the fact that they may end up being a terror to the family and society. Besides, the movie tries to give an impression of a horrifying hospital situation. The film was based on a ferocious newborn with deadly intent. In response to this movie, the director intends to highlight the effect of environmental pollution, gene modifications, and excessive usage of pharmaceutical drugs. Besides, the fear of raising children is highlighted in the film.

As the thesis statement indicates, what are the intrigues of horror films if they do not unleash human fear? A melodramatic horror entangled with romantic episodes relays the story in the movie 'Frankenstein' that is still relevant in the twenty-first century. This movie teaches on the aspects of taking the role of a Deity, societal rejection, and parental neglect. Assessment of the film enhances the advocacy for the abandonment of slavery, tolerance, and dialogue among antagonistic groups.

Most of the horror movies highlight societal misrepresentation, such as sexual orientation, family dysfunction, scientific evolution, and maltreatment of the most vulnerable groups (Nunes 2015 Pp. 1-18). 'Night of the living dead' brings about instants of dread and eccentricity involving cannibalism, fire, death, and massive shedding of blood. The movie relays the message of race as one of the characters is an African-American. Critics suggest that the film intended to bring into focus issues of civil rights, the aftermath of the Vietnam War, and racial issues that still affect our society.

It is essential to note that some horror films advocate for the rights of women. 'Horror and the Monstrous-Feminine' and 'Her Body, Himself' are movies with intentions to educate the society to respect women. Researches argue that horror films do not promote evil activities among people. Some of the horror movies teach that males should not engage in violence like the 'Halloween,' 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,' and 'Her Body, Himself' films that base their theme on gender equality and fair treatment of women. Movie critics suggest that such horror films ensure that male viewers appreciate female protagonists.

Critical Perceptions

Experts suggest that horror movies are founded based on positive sensations that are repressed, exposing the dark feelings. Scholars such as Mr. Wood and Barbara Creed agrees that petrifying films generates an atmosphere that is lacking within our society. Besides, scholars like Ms. Clover asserts that horror movies with gender-based themes are critical in advocating for gender equality (Mason & Joshua 2019 Pp. 3). However, philosophers are of the opposite view that horror films are psychoanalytic, dwelling on issues such as liberty and maltreatment. Such scholars argue that horror movies inspire rather than scares people.

The fascination of the unknown and the curiosity that horror movies generate causes a thrill that stimulates viewers, such as the monster in 'Frankenstein.' The philosophical aspect is that the repulsive nature of monsters in horror films endears them to the audience. Ms. Freeland, for example, assets that extremity in horror films relish bloodbath among audiences such as in the movie 'The Naked and the Undead.' Mr. Lowenstein Adam argues that the meticulous camerawork, artful splatter, and pacing ensures a compelling performance that the audience appreciates.


Horror films are majorly watched and have a large fan base, cultivating on its unique ability to ensure that viewers are terrified. Fear is both subjective and personal, making horror films appealing. It is also notable to understand that horror movies advocate for societal issues that crucial and emerging presently. People continue to draw pleasures from horror films, and the educational perspective cannot be ignored.

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