The Greatest Challenge in My Life - Personal Experience Essay Example

Published: 2022-07-19
The Greatest Challenge in My Life - Personal Experience Essay Example
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It was early in the morning; the birds were already singing in the air. The sun was just rising, clearing the blanket of the darkness and bringing hopes in the village. I sat on the bed thinking deeply about my life. At this time, I had a voice, "What should you do now?" I rubbed my eyes and looked across the corners of my bedroom, but saw nothing. Once more, the voice spoke, "How would you accomplish your dream?" At this time, I stood up and shouted, "Where are you?" but later realized that the voice was not normal; it was all from my deep imagination and monologue. I felt like a caged bird, since I could not fulfill my dream of getting a job after graduation and uplifting my family status.

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The state I lived in seemed like a different world for me. I had studied from elementary, high school, and university levels in the same state. I was not accustomed to the real life away from my residential region; I was not used to the city technologies. Nevertheless, I was concerned with the tough economic situations my family was undergoing. My dad was a drunkard who misused all the money he gained from employment. Furthermore, my mum catered for the needs of my siblings and I. She worked in the field day and night to feed us. Consequently, it could not give me joy, but instead it took away the present delightful moments.

I asked myself, "Why is there a big economic gap between individuals?" I woke up from the bed, took a bath, and dressed up. Without either uttering a word or taking breakfast, picked my suitcase and begun the journey to the city. On the same note, I made up my mind never to return home without getting a job even if it meant doing menial jobs. Additionally, I felt convicted to uplift my status. When I reached a local town, I approached one shop owner and requested him to help me with 10 dollars for me to board to the city. Fortunately, the shopper whom I did not know his name just gave me the exact amount I requested for. I took a bus to the city, on the way, I started wondering whom I was going to stay with. My life seemed to be like a film, one man who sat next to me asked me why I was so unsettled and uncomfortable with the journey. I narrated to him the story, and he encouraged me to be tough and not to lose hope as God's plan is not known. Even though I felt that everything was going to be okay, I kept wondering whom I was going to stay with.

Despite being with travelers, I felt lonely in the bus. I passed time crying inwardly like a deaf without tears coming out. As we approached the city, I started pondering what actually I was going to do in the city. Many people had alighted on the way including the man who sat next to me. Unfortunately, a woman came from behind and sat next to me. Despite the warm weather in the city, my body was cold prompting the woman to ask if I was sick. I told her no and she became inquisitive and asked me several questions. I narrated to her the kind of life I was undergoing. We arrived at the city at around 10.00 AM, and while alighting from the bus, I grabbed her hand and asked her if she would accommodate me. She understood my situation of lack of any relative or job in the city. She told me to follow her, and this bold action became a turning point in my life.

We began storytelling as we strolled downtown, heading towards where she works. Before we arrived, she picked a phone call from her company's chief executive officer, requesting her to place an advert for a job vacancy in the position of a research consultant. We rushed to the office, when we arrived she prayed first and asked me to hand over my academic certificates. She perused through them and called the chief officer back. She told him that she as a young man from the village with academic qualifications but no work experience for the position. A few minutes later, the manager arrived and interviewed me. Fortunately, I was confirmed with immediate effect and given an advanced salary to cater for my accommodation.

I could not figure out how it was possible but thanked God for my fate and the greatest gift for my destiny. I came to believe nothing is impossible. Indeed, I would never forget this great day of my life. It was the moment that changed my life.

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