Free Essay: The Governing System in East Asia

Published: 2023-03-06
Free Essay: The Governing System in East Asia
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China, Korea, and Japan are countries that have a long history revolving around economic power and the political system. The economic level of these three countries is affected due to the rise of industrialization. Since the manufacturing rate is high, these nations grew at a high price. Cultural exchange was another critical aspect that impacted the social and political system connection. Despite the high industrial growth rate, the region was profoundly affected by governing issues. During the geological era, East Asia was a section of Eurasia. Therefore, its development occurred as a group of several states. The essay will elaborate more on the governing system in East Asia, in particular, the transformation of Japan to Chinese rules through Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhism approach.

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Most parts of Eurasia were relying on plants and animals. However, as time went, innovations were introduced, whereby people started introducing new ways of production. Japan was the second country to adopt modern production, whereby new techniques of agriculture were introduced to assist in farming. In East Asia, agriculture was a crucial aspect of economic growth. In the northern region of China, residents were growing millet while in the southern, they were growing rice. These regions become the center of production and marketing. Due to the rise in production costs, the products started moving to other areas such as Japan. Population increase stimulated people to look for a more effective mode of production to supply with enough diet.

Countries like Japan, for instance, have a secure connection due to an excellent economic background on trading. Tattooing was another crucial aspect that brought together Japan and China. Due to economic development, Japan had formed a military force to protect the region. Due to the population growth rate, the demand for agriculture increased. Development of innovations, such as metals, assisted Jomon communities (small group from Japan) in practicing more advanced farming. Surplus materials were used to feed soldiers to continue protecting the region. Japan is a nation that is well equipped with various elements that assisted people in moving from one area to another. Most communities in Japan divided roles based on gender. However, most of them were linked to a lot of inequality in role distribution.

Additionally, ancestral power controlled natural aspects such as rain. For many years, Japan farmers and their Neolithic predecessors established a powerful rival. Farmers had already gained a lot of power due to success in their field of agriculture. Due to the concept, there was a power rival between farmers and the rulers. For an extended period, rulers were forcing people to offer labor in the construction of a city wall and other public activities. The work was also associated with violence. Therefore, farmers were striving to ensure their welfare is catered for, and they are freed from the concept.

Indeed, the transition of Chinese governance from Japan may be demonstrated through the application of the Legalist, Daoist, and Confucian leadership philosophies. According to Mencius, human nature was essential since each individual was born with the ability to identify what is right and wrong. In this regard, Mencius highly discussed the moral philosophy which impacts the relationship between people. Usually, there are strong feelings that control people on how they interact. Such an attitude regulates people to reason whether a particular concept is right or wrong. Despite engaging in studying issues affecting governance, most of the Mencius had not been involved in politics.

Japan to China relations began in the wake of Shinzo Abe when he went back to the prime ministership. In this transition, the Japanese and Chinese ambassadors had differences because of political leaders that were in the Harry Potter Villian place. In the same period, the Japanese jets were interchanged to intercept the Chinese aircraft. Most rulers on the other hand, also found it hard to exercise authority over peasant farmers, especially if they decide to use rituals and virtues.

The Xunzi, for instance, stated that rulers should enhance the worth, and they should have the ability to dismiss evils, which would impact their performance. In this case, leaders have a significant role in teaching people in the right direction. Xunzi stated that a leader might be compared to a boat, while followers are water. The water has power over the ship and can either hold or capsizes it. However, Mencius associates people's behavioral nature with heaven. In this regard, he says that heaven wants individuals to be pure, but they have the authority to make their choice.

Other philosophers such as Mahists conducted studies regarding rituals that impacted the governing system. These rituals influenced people to maintain orders and work within the set limit. Therefore, rules and learned individuals were required to ensure people understand the traditional ritual practices. This aspect impacted people to develop a positive perception of their behaviors. Social ranks and regular rituals were a critical aspect that regulated the governing approach. As a way of elaborating on the strategy, Xunzi compared music and ceremony. In which, he stated that music impacts individuals' emotion and form a feeling of solidarity. On the other hand, rituals influence individuals' sense of duty and create social differentiation.

According to Laozi, men of virtue should be used in making the authority. These individuals would impact the government to focus on activities that shape people's life. However, Zhuangzi insisted that the government should give people a chance to make their own choice. Most of Zhuangzi's philosophical beliefs were based on parables. Instead, Zhuangzi questioned whether other philosophers are sure if life after death is better than on earth. In one of the parable, Zhuangzi indicated that political ideas are like wheelwright. Usually, the development of political theories came in hand with power accumulation. Philosophers were more concerned about how to establish more approaches that would regulate how rulers govern people.

Through these theories, more political policies were set in Japan to ensure the standards of living are improved. For many years, most political systems were not concerned about the lower class. Therefore, establishing procedures that encouraged people to work hard to improve the economic state was one of the critical philosophical approaches. Using the method, the government will develop a specific technique that will help to regulate people's way of life.

As a way of finding the solution to the ongoing rival, Confucian gentlemen were established to assist rulers in understanding the best governing approach. They were supposed to offer advice on how to lead people to avoid adverse effects. In particular, Confucius was concern about social and political realms that impact the governing approach.The establishment of virtues such as humanity and integrity was perceived as a crucial aspect that would affect the ruling plan positively. Through these values, leaders were required to inspire people to understand the importance of moral cultivation. Cultivation was a critical approach that would help the region to develop leaders who have mastery of governing and historical perception.

Additionally, the proposal would help to teach people poetry and rituals to establish confidence in power allocation from Japan to China. Through the approach, the system would help to control people relying on a particular family since they are born in a royal family. Offering advice was perceived as an essential approach which would regulate people's thought to create a unifying system. Unity would help rulers to treat all people equally and avoid unnecessary power rivals. When selecting leaders, people were encouraged not to focus so much on gods and sacrifice. Instead, they should look for an ambitious person who would deliver them from prevailing problems.

Confucius established disciples such as Analects, which guided people to focus on respect to continue to receive gifts which would impact economic development. Additionally, these disciplines would be used to improve people's trust in their leaders. The language which was deployed focused on creating a relationship between parties. Engaging young people in activities such as ruling would shape them for future leadership. The technique was perceived as a fundamental approach that was used to improve the leadership approach. The value of family was another crucial aspect the group insisted on. The family was mandated to teach children to be obedient and ensure they follow the rules to avoid social conflict.

Furthermore, the family was to start and form a strong relationship that would be regulated by mutual benefits. The technique would help children to develop a positive approach toward the ruling. Further, the application of writing was perceived as an effective method that would shape the governing system since they will learn how to implement all required procedures. Confucian teaching was meant to impact people's understand to improve the skills and experience in various areas of leadership. The approach would help to teach people values and rituals, which regulate their daily activities to be effective leaders.

As an approach to reducing political pressure, Daoism, on the other hand, developed ideas that focused on the feminine path. Establishing of feminine principles was a technique of yielding political freedom. This would be done by distributing power on various levels to create an active environment. This was perceived as an intellectual flowering for those who are going to hold the government. The approach would help rulers from using excess forces when controlling the public. Together with Confucius, Mencius insisted that rulers should focus on goodness, and human nature is useful in creating an ongoing relationship. A way of improving the governing system, Daoists perceived things above the mortal realm. Using this technique, people would easily understand the good and bad parts of life. The understanding would impact people to struggle to make things compelling and reduce massive suffering due to unfortunate ruling. Rulers were required to encourage teaching to motivate a connection between god and immoral. The approach was meant to help people in understanding how to overcome some life challenges.

According to Daoist, rules are the pivot of all people. Therefore, they were supposed to be treated with a lot of care to ensure they offer the best service to improve living standards. The group was so concerned about creating a peaceful environment that will attract a large number of followers in various parts of the country. The technique would ensure the government is talking at the ground level. Besides, more offices at the local level should be open to ensure people are given a chance to control resources. This would help to fight against the unequal distribution of funds which was stimulated too by political pressure.

Additionally, the approach would help to reduce the immorality rate within the region since all people would be equally represented. Daoist encouraged that the government should be cautious about the activities they are inspiring. This would help to regulate immorality among officials. The religious group established writing to assist leaders in understanding how to conduct their operations. Ideally, the writing restricted rulers from engaging in immoralities; instead, they become concerned about improving people's living standards. In case a ruler was found guilty of engaging in immorality, they were required to undergo supreme purity.

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