Mental Health in the Community Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-04
Mental Health in the Community Essay Sample
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Question 1: Objectives from the List Affecting the Community and How to Help the Community as a Nurse

The two types of objectives from the list that affect my community include the treatment expansion and mental health status improvement. One of the main reason for the choice of the two objectives includes the need to reduce the number of suicidal attempts among the youths and to reduce the rate at which adolescents engage in different types of disordered eating types of behaviors (Healthy People. gove, 2018). It is evident that most of the youth will tend to involve themselves in unfavorable eating disorders with a motive to control their body weight. Children require advice that will help them transform positively to becoming a useful person in the future. Based on the nature of support, suicide will not be the better solution among these children who plans to commit suicide.

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Additionally, the fundamental reason behind treatment expansion will be to increase the number of available care facilities that will provide health and mental care treatment services. Besides, the treatment expansion seeks to increase the rate at which individuals who suffer from mental health disorders secure employment opportunities. Moreover, the goal aims to increase the rate at which persons who have mental illness will be able to get the necessary treatments. As a nurse, I will help the community with ideas on how best they can go about achieving their goals through proper plans and implementations. Besides, through treatment expansion, I will support the community with better ideas on how best they can obtain resources and services that they will require to achieve the above goals. I will also come up with a better plan that I think will be helpful in identifying mentally ill health patients. The increased number of treatment facilities will help minimize the possible effects of health and related mental conditions.

Question 2: The Correlation between the Physical Health and Mental Health

A direct correlation exists between an individual's mental health and the physical health of a person. It is important to note that the two conditions are mainly characterized by mood, thinking, and the alteration in the behaviors. Besides, both mental disorder and physical health condition are associated with impaired functioning and mental distress. One should seek medical attention in line with the two conditions. The fundamental impact between the physical and mental health is the fact that, an ill-health condition in the physical health in many ways will affect the body mental health (Oral et al., 2015).

Similarly, the mental impact will also have a negative effect on the physical condition. Mental disorders are associated to host of various problems such as the death, pain and even the disability (Healthy People. gove, 2018). Additionally, mental health contributes and plays an essential role in an individual's ability to maintain proper physical health.

Question 3: how either a specific physical ailment leads to a breakdown in mental health or how a specific mental health disorder can lead to physical issues?

Mental illness for example anxiety and depression can affect an individual's ability to participate in various health promoting-behaviors. It, therefore, shows that various problems, especially on the physical health that includes the chronic diseases, can have an adverse impact on individual's health mental to appoint of decreasing the patient's ability to participate in recovery and treatment plans. Depression, which is a mental illness, will affect a personal health condition. It is important to take the two conditions seriously and offer the necessary medical support and treatment (Healthy People. gove, 2018). On the other hand, chronic illness, which is a physical health disorder, can easily cause distress on the mental condition of the patient.

Question 4: Explaining in Detail the Meaning of Trauma Informed Care (TIC)

TIC is a treatment framework and organizational structure that entails understanding, responding, and recognizing different types of human trauma that the body is likely to undergo. It is important to note that the Trauma-Informed Care tends to put more emphasis on psychological, physical and the preferred emotional safety for both the providers and the consumers (Withers, 2017). Additionally, the program seeks to help the providers in building a sense of empowerment and control. Trauma is an issue of great concern given that it affects different individuals including families and even homes. It disrupts the healthy development of a person in many ways. TIC organization helps trauma individuals to have better mechanisms in place on how best they can help recover from their condition. It provides medical advice that is essential for the patient's recovery plans and better ways to survive and to overcome the traumatic state.

Informed care is essential for the providers as a way of providing quality services that seem to be holistic and in a manner, which is patient friendly. Additionally, through the TIC, patients will be at a position to understand the various policies that help them know the best strategies and steps to take in matters associated with their traumatic condition. It is important to note that, the failure to address issues that concern trauma among individuals might have adverse consequences (Greenwald, 2014). As discussed before, Trauma Informed Care is a preferable approach that mainly seeks to engage individuals with the various history that relates to traumatic conditions and to recognize the possible traumatic symptoms with better ways and mechanisms to overcome the condition.

Question 5: How to Use the Trauma-Informed Care to Help a Traumatic Child

Trauma-informed care services seek to help both children and adults who suffer from the effect of Trauma. It will be important to become a trauma-informed person that entails the ability to have a better understanding individuals have different types of trauma in their lives. It is important to note that individuals who have been traumatized need different types of support that will help them recover from their condition (Greenwald, 2014). Failure to provide the necessary support to the trauma child may lead to re-traumatization. Through Trauma-informed care system, I will educate the community, parents and the caregivers of the child who is suffering from the trauma condition to help and give the necessary forms of support to the child. Becoming a supportive and compassionate community entails the ability to understand the various impacts of trauma on a person's life and for the entire community as a whole. Moreover, it will be great to ensure that the child does not get re-traumatized and offer proper advice that will help the child to recover as soon as possible.


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