The Five Types of Love Languages - Free Essay with the Video Review

Published: 2022-07-29
The Five Types of Love Languages - Free Essay with the Video Review
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The five types of love languages include words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and quality time. Identifying my love language is the key to living a happy life since I can use it to express love to others and they can use it to communicate love to me in return. Love languages point to both verbal and nonverbal communication. Someone will extract meaning from actions including receiving gifts, from non-verbal cues including touch and spoken communication including positive messages.

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The author of the video on The Five Love Languages has provided me with insights to rate myself, and I have identified words of affirmation to be my dominant love language. I am one person who pays a lot of attention to what other people say about me. I usually believe that a person loves me if they give me compliments, praise me or speak words of appreciation. My second best love language is quality time (Lavendaire, 2015). I believe that time is a precious gift and if my loved ones can use some of their valued time with me, then they are dedicated to me.

I agree with the results since love works according to the rules of reciprocity in that I expect to be loved in the same manner I show love to others. Because I love words of affirmation, I say beautiful things to others as an indicator of my desire for them. I usually ask my loved one not to do two things at the same since I typically yearn for undivided attention so that I can share experiences, thoughts, and desires in the uninterrupted atmosphere.

The information from the love languages relates to the course details regarding the importance of nonverbal communication such as physical touch and direct eye contact in conveying feelings, emotions, and meaning. Also, the types of messages that individuals send which are either conforming or non-conforming messages (Lavendaire, 2015). Confirming words such that, 'I am glad you are with me, you are the best thing that has happened to my life' is key to showing love to individuals who depend on words of affirmation.

Tapping on my love language involving words of affirmation while communicating with other has made me to network with influential people easily. Words of confirmation will be vital in my future career since I expect to be a teacher and complementing students will ensure a positive atmosphere. The active and empathetic listening will promote my use of words of affirmation during communication since I can detect what someone else wants to hear at a particular time.

Individuals show love, in the same manner, they expect others to express appreciation to them. Information on love languages can prevent disagreements and feelings of neglect that result while couples or friends use different love languages. The concept assists individuals to understand the reason behind their behaviours and it is key to communicating with others with the aim of making them love in better ways.


Lavendaire. (2015). The Five Love Languages. You Tube

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