Free Essay Example. the Field of Psychology

Published: 2023-02-13
Free Essay Example. the Field of Psychology
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I believe psychology touches various aspects of human life. That explains the passion that led to the decision to pursue psychology in NCCU institution. Through life experience as I grew up and interaction with individuals in the community. I have come to appreciate more the work of psychologist through my mother, who works as a clinical counselor. I have heard and experienced various scenarios that call for psychological intervention. Unfortunately, most of these psychological needs of many individuals go unattended, and this leads to devastating effects in life, such as low self-esteem and depression. That is the reason I am pursuing this course to rescue many suffering psychologically in our community and beyond. This article explores the field of psychology and my future in the career.

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Field of Psychology

The area of psychology is broad. Psychology is an academic domain which embraces all aspects of human living. It is concerned with studying the human mind and behavior. It is both an academic field involved in research as well as applied science seeking to understand groups or individuals in specific different cases.

I researched about two areas of two research areas as well as two applied field in the psychology. Social psychology is one of the research psychology I research. It involves the scientific study of individuals' behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, and how the presence of others influences these individual aspects either imagined or actual existence (Steg et al., 2017). Societal factors and how they impact their behavior, thoughts, and feelings are considered. Social psychology is based on the belief that an individual's behavior is caused by a combination of their surrounding and mental status which encompasses attitudes and thoughts. Therefore, interpersonal relations are studied in social psychology. Educational psychology, on the other side, involves studying of the human learning process. Both behavioral and cognitive aspects of learning are explored in this area bringing about the understanding of the individual differences in terms of cognitive development, intelligence, motivation, the self-concept as well as self-regulation (Steg et al., 2017). The role of learning in an individual is understood in this area of study.

In terms of applied psychology, I explored Clinical Psychology and counseling psychology. Clinical psychology integrates clinical knowledge and science to explain psychological malfunctioning of individuals as well as in promoting personal development and wellbeing (Kramer, Bernstein & Phares, 2019). Some of the practical aspects of clinical psychology involve psychological assessment, clinical psychotherapy, and formulations. On the other side, counseling psychology focuses on maintain or facilitation of both interpersonal and personal functional in entire individuals' life. In this faculty, special attention is drawn to social-emotional, educational developmental, and even health-related concerns of individuals, among others (Kramer, Bernstein & Phares, 2019). Culturally sensitive practices and beliefs are explored in this branch of psychology, contributing to the general wellbeing of people, alleviation of distress, resolution of conflicts, reduction of maladjustments and improved ability of individuals to survive circumstances as they present in their life.

I desire to be a school counselor. My interest is to reach out to young individuals who are still discovering themselves. Many of the youth work towards constructing their self-concept against the influences of culture, gender, peers, and even lifestyle. Youth is the critical time where choices that are made affect the future of individuals. Most family conflicts, peers pressure to engage in activities such as substance use, depression, and low esteem are experienced at this stage. I would love to walk with the youth in this critical stage of life, to encourage, support, and guide them where need be.

Psychology Professors at NCCU

In the department of psychology in NCCU am always fascinated by the story and academic achievements of Dr. Rodney T. Cunningham. He has successfully published articles and book chapters touching on the matter the interface of culture, context, and cognitive functioning; the African-American male rites of passage process; and educational/health psychology. He is currently tackling edition of volume book and other publications. To mark his achievements, Dr. Cunningham has received several rewards for a scholarship, service, and teaching. He has proved to be a great resource in the psychology field through research activities, in the institution and beyond.

Dr. Sherry Eaton, the present Associate Professor and Chair in NCCU, inspires me by her depth of training and experiences. She is specializing in working with children and families. Having served as a consultant psychologist in local school districts encourages me to pursue my desire as a school counselor. As a scholar, she has been able to publish journals and books and conduct research activities on children academic achievement, especially of children with color, and parental socialization practices.

Future Career

Having the interest to work as a school counselor, I have to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that will enable me to tackle my work with effectively to bear fruits. I would wish to contribute positively to the growth of the field of psychology through research activities. Leadership and managerial skills will be equally important for my future career, as I will be required to mentor and guide young scholars in the field. I will also need communication and networking skills for me to interact with the community effectively I will be serving. I plan to be committed in my classwork, participating actively in all the required areas to achieve the knowledge I need. I will actively participate in practical lessons, both simulation, and actual field to develop the required skills. I will have the two mentioned professors as my mentors in the area, especially in acquiring research and leadership skills. Through healthy interaction with my peers and tutors, I will ensure develop communication and networking skills.


Psychology is a broad field with various branches. The field touches of different aspects of human leaving, including social, mental, and academic, among others. My interest lies in school psychology, which involves understanding the individual at school, challenges they face, and providing guidance and support to prevent or minimize malfunctioning amongst school attendants. I have strategies in place, which will enable me to achieve the required skills and knowledge for the sake of my future professional life.


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