The Feet of Spring Are on Stair - Poem Analysis Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-11
The Feet of Spring Are on Stair - Poem Analysis Essay Sample
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In the poem "the feet of spring are on Stair," the writer uses language for a distinct purpose. The writer uses words like scatters flashes through the moss to make the poem flow. There are sometimes when the writer uses colloquial words to make the poem enjoyable. Lawyer and technical talk have been used in this poem. The writer uses monosyllable words such as take, hope and pours to pass his message. Although polysyllabic words are also used in this poem, they are only used to convey the opinion of the writer. It does not make the poem complex but to ensure that it carries valuable information to readers. For the writer of this poem to attract the attention of the reader, connotative words and cacophonous words are used by the author. This is used to add stress and emphasis on his message.

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The uses figure of speech such as idiom, simile, metaphor, personification, pun, and rhyming words. Alliterations are used in the play in such a way that adds the value to the poem. The author is fond of using a stylistic device where words close to each other have the same first consonant sound such as "take hope, pour out of thy tears."

Similes are also appropriately used in this poem. The author is fond of using words such as like, such and such as to compare two things. For example, "kiss as they meet and is like the Gods, immortal. What." Furthermore, metaphors are also used correctly in the poem to give a picture of what is being discussed. The author of the poetry uses sentences such as dreams are lies to ensure that readers have a picture of what is going on in their mind. Through this, it attracts the attention of the readers so that they concentrate in the poem. The use of such figure of speech makes this poem more persuasive and memorable that when simile is used alone. When the author says that youth's heart is hot, he makes readers understand the condition of teens and their behavior in the poem.

Furthermore, personification and rhythms are also used in this poem. The author of this poem used personification link readers with the object which is given human qualities. Through this, the author can make the nonhuman object more vivid or ensure that they sympathize or react emotionally to nonhuman behavior. The author uses sentences like the earth was being born in blossoming. In the actual sense, it is not possible to give birth to the Earth, but the author gave the Earth of human quality to make the earth more vivid. The author also says that "seeds are astir with restless beat." Usually, stars cannot murmur nor flowers, but the author uses personification to express his emotion to unethical action.

The author uses paradox throughout the poem with the purpose of creating tension in the mind of the audience. The author places words and phrases which do not seem to pursue the tenets of logic. Contradictions in language that makes readers think deeply about the assumed illustration of such contradictory statements are adequately used in the poem to allow the author to expose some aspects of reality within misleading statements. This poet uses it to create atypical notion with the words and phrases.

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