Essay Sample - The Cuny School of Professional Studies

Published: 2023-08-16
Essay Sample - The Cuny School of Professional Studies
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Business management plays a vital role in the present day as it influences business decisions and allowing them to fit in the ever competing market. It is a field that encompasses multiple business sectors, such as advertising, marketing, fiancé, and human resource. All these are aspects that each business entails, and by pursuing and advancing on the course would allow me to garner entry-level to supervisory roles among playing other roles.

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The course allows an individual to understand and work on relationships with customers. Businesses would be able to get enriched and be less obstructive. In the present day, businesses are experiencing challenges and changes in the sectors that involve economics, business, and management; it calls for a constant perfection of business management strategies and mechanisms. Despite the challenges, various markets and opportunities are emerging, which need to be dealt with by trained and experienced specialists. An example is Vietnam, which has recently emerged and became an active member of world marketing and business management systems. The endless opportunities in the business world keep pushing me, and I am looking forward to obtaining a master's degree in Business Leadership and Management at Cuny School of Professional Studies.

The field of business and management is diverse, dynamic, and involves numerous risks that need to be handled with creativity. Furthermore, as observed, it is a fast-growing discipline as new opportunities keep popping every day. All these create my passion for the field, and it makes me explore it more. I was introduced and prepared for the field by several popular colleges. I earned my undergraduate degree at the Kingsborough Community College and York College/Cuny, which I attended from 8/2006 to 12/2011 and from 2014 to 2019, respectively. I also earned an Advance Certificate in Management at Cuny School of professional studies, which I attended from 08/2019 to 05/2020.

I chose to earn my Master's degree in the same field at Cuny School of Professional Studies because they are among the best in terms of offering high-quality education. Also, the institution has a precise environment in terms of student-faculty ratio, which would help me to explore the Master's degree to higher levels. Furthermore, I would be in the apposition to learn new business management mechanisms due to the presence of different nationalities in the universities. It would boost my ability to integrate and manage diverse populations from a business perspective.

While looking at my educational background, I believe I have all I need to pursue a Master's degree. While at my former colleges, I partook in several business-oriented clubs, and they enabled me to interact with multiple students who built me in terms of interpersonal skills. I have also managed to attend several internships, where I was given a chance to apply my knowledge and skills. During the numerous classes I attended at Cuny School of professional studies, I gained knowledge about customers' needs and how a business uses its strategies to maintain consistency and its customer base interests.

While I attended lectures, I got the opportunity to gather all the knowledge that I would apply in real life. However, I believe and feel that all that is not enough in the present world. I have the urge and passion for continuing to explore in the Business and management field. Through this, it will help me to integrate into the business market. I would be able to come up with new innovative ideas that would assist in solving real-life business management challenges. Also, it would act as a pathway to attaining my long-term goal of pursuing a Ph.D. program in business management. I am confident that the knowledge I have has prepared me to pursue a Master's degree.

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