Essay Sample on the Cost of Being a Knight in Medieval Times

Published: 2019-05-14
Essay Sample on the Cost of Being a Knight in Medieval Times
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In this paper, an insight into the type of life that the knights lived is presented. The key areas of discussion in their life that have been given weight are those of the cost of the food, armor and the squire. We are prompted to ask questions such as; what did the knight have to do in order to have his food, acquire an armor and squire? Was it mandatory for individuals to pass through this stage? And if there was necessity, why was it necessary? Therefore, in response to these questions, a detailed discussion of possessing, as well as passing through the different rites that were to make him to be declared a knight is the presented in this paper.

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In medieval times becoming a knight was a long process that entailed a lot of vigorous activities of both the mind and body, involving might and wits. The best knight was identified while young and certain things were introduced into his growing up process from early stages of life. Young boys were sent away at tender ages of 7 to distant wealthy relatives or elders to begin their knighthood journey. According to their different ages, so was the assigning of training stages and roles of knighthood. Boys of ages seven to fourteen were of a medieval page role, while those of fourteen to twenty one were the squires also known as the apprentice knights. These stages referred to what suited the boys best at their particular age groups. Their training being centered on the strength and their ages, the young knights strength was all channeled to weapons.

During the medieval times, the young knight underwent various problems, which were a form of a quest for him, which him and his trainers took as a challenge. Beginning at the age of seven, he was supposed to be a service man to his lords and ladies as well as fulfill his combat duties that were the basic theme of knighthood. The training began as a game, where the initial stage was to learn sports which all involved weaponry and skills related to weaponry that is battle axes, maces, two-handed swords daggers and lances. As much as they did this, they took precaution to make sure all the boys didnt use harmful weapons, so as to maintain them healthy and physically fit as they were wanted in the training period.

The initial stage of training the boy is called a page, as he masters the way of the knight, he is expected to be able to handle the lance tilting skill and master it. The target being identified, the page was expected to mount a horse on wheels while holding a lance. Two other pages would hold the wooden horse and the one in question would aim the lance. He was also expected to master the couch, this is where he is supposed to be in a position to steady the lance held under his arm while at a course, which should in a great deal of difference increase accuracy of a lunge and eliminate flux. They fought on piggyback to enhance skills of needed in mounted combat and also balancing while at it. Swimming, climbing, stone throwing, javelin throwing archery and wrestling were also some of the many skills they were introduced to.

This particular stage of training came with its own exceptional hardships and shortcomings. It was a period filled with the feudal system and roles were defined and oppressing, favoring the lords. The knight was expected to learn fast and efficiently t be able to be entrusted to guard his liege Lord in a castle. They were expected to show off their skills in medieval tournaments that earned the titles in the long run. They were involved in various kinds of combat, showing reason to be believed in as being, majestic and fearless. In their interactions with others they were expected to show themselves as being, loyal, devout, courteous and generous. They underwent numerous ceremonies and rights before they got the title knight. Guided by a code of chivalry, all their lives and behavior throughout evolved around the code.

A knight was expected to show bravery, courtly, honor and gallantry toward women from which the image of a knight in shining armor is gotten. Their weaponry ranging from lances, swords, battle axes and maces had to be purchased. The prices ranged from a few to a lot according to the purchasers. Examples are as follows just to mention a few; Axe-5d, Hammers-8ds-2s 8d, War horse up to 50s and so on.(1 pound (L)=5 shillings, 1 shilling=12 pence(d) ).

They were finally initiated and the final crowning and wearing of complete armor was essentially marked.

In conclusion, in medieval times, the cost of being a knight was rather expensive. Though expensive it was, the process that was involved was very thorough too. It involved persevering at all costs. The queues that people lined up to get the amours and squira was extremely expensive. Thus, overall it was an expensive process that was very involving.


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