Free Essay for Your Use on the Controversial Fashions and Designs In 2014

Published: 2019-06-13
Free Essay for Your Use on the Controversial Fashions and Designs In 2014
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In 2014, there were many controversial moments that touched on fashion and design. These moments were either connected to individuals in their own personal capacities, or in relation to the Collections that they represented. Additionally, the controversies undoubtedly remained in the minds of fashion followers for quite a long time. These controversies have not only surprised the consumers but have also been a matter of concern on how the industry deals with aspects that show immorality.

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The first controversy relates to the American Apparel. According to Sharkey (2014), this was arguably the most controversial moment of the year 2014. The founder of the Apparel, Dov Charney was relieved of his duties but later on re-employed. However, he was subsequently fired in what was viewed by many as an interesting circus. The reasons for the circus were the allegations that Dov had interfered with the internal investigations of the company. Additionally, the adverts that displayed some models in miniskirts were banned. It was alleged that they were indeed sexualizing school girls that was improper and immoral (Sharkey, 2014).

The next fashion controversy was the dressings of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. These two donned revealing dresses that were designed by Tomford. Specifically, Rihanna wore a dress that had some floral nipples pasties. Cyrus, on the other hand, wore a bondage dress that exposed her body. According to Earp (2014), this brought controversy on how the current designers are making indecent clothes. As if that was not enough, Rihanna went ahead and wore another see-me-through dress that was encrusted with crystals in the eve of 2015. This was during the CFDA Awards. There were also controversies in relation to designers. In this case, Jean Paul Gaultier made a surprise decision of leaving his job of 38 years and instead, concentrating on collections involving couture and fragrance. On this note, John Galliano made his way back to the fashion industry since 2011. John was appointed and subsequently confirmed by Maison Martin Margiela as the director in charge of creativity. In this regard, he was set to unveil his first show in the beginning of 2015 (Sharkey, 2014).

The controversial fashions continued with the mannequins that were displayed in different fashion collections. La Perla, which was a label on luxurious lingerie, displayed a mannequin that depicted a model with bare protruding ribs. According to (2015), this occurred in its branch boutique situated in New York. Following a complaint from one of the customers, the collection had to remove the mannequin that was viewed as embarrassing and disrespectful to the small-bodied individuals. Notably, Topshop was not spared as well since it displayed a skinny body image mannequin that went viral on social media forcing it to withdraw and concentrate on other fashions.

Kim Kardashian could not escape from the list of the controversies as she is the mother of all controversies. Together with her young baby, Kim championed some of the fashion controversies in the year. The Reality TV presenter, posed naked on the front cover of the Paper Magazine. On the same note, she is seen on another magazine, Vogue Cover, with her husband in a moment of happiness in a picture that many said was immoral. As if that was not enough for 2014, Kimyes baby made her modeling debut at just the age of 13 months. This was the least age that an individual has made in modeling.

The other controversy that was related to fashion, and which interested most fashion lovers in 2014 was the Photoshops. In this regard, a photo-shopped picture of Lara Stone, a model, was on the front page of the System Magazine. In the photo, Lara was seen exposing her bare body with the intention of informing people of her figure after birth. On the same note, Olivia Wilde appeared on the pages of the Glamour Magazine while breastfeeding a baby boy. All these were situations where the fashion lovers were surprised at the increasing rate of Photoshop in the country.

From the aforementioned, it is not in doubt that 2014 was a year that had many notable controversial fashions and moments, which were both shocking and surprising. Unlike other years when the industry was quiet and operating normally, 2014 went overboard in presenting very interesting moments for the lovers of fashion and design. In this case, fashion and design go notches higher year after year.


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