Essay Example on the Concept of Cross-Cultural Management

Published: 2019-12-20
Essay Example on the Concept of Cross-Cultural Management
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Succinctly, an organizations success is determined by its ability to penetrate the international market and maintain a competitive advantage. The persistent and quick changes in innovation and the advancement of the global trade have empowered many organizations to extend their business operations internationally, crossing the household limits. Today, as these organizations extended their business processes globally, the management proves to be more challenging in light of the impact of an array of components such as culturally diverse assorted qualities, correspondence, lawful structure and political conditions. Consequently, it becomes imperative for HRM to take a shot at all hierarchical level inside both local and worldwide business procedures. In light of this comprehension, this paper seeks to explore the concept of cross-cultural management. To achieve this goal, the endeavor focuses on Qatar Stock Exchange by preparing a presentation to the companys management board, in an effort to rich their comprehension on the topic and enables them to highlight possible improvement areas in the global business spectrum.

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The culturally diverse differing qualities inside the association's workforce is one of the vital variables that may have negative or positive effect on the worldwide business operations as indicated by the ecological conditions and the procedure received by the company. The culturally diverse administration turned into a huge essential for multinational associations and comes in the consistent increment of the global business operations and the worldwide ventures in various nations while there are distinctive obstructs and difficulties that emerge from the social differences that effect the association' organizations. Consequently, the significance of plausible comprehension of cross-culture in global business is undeniable. Succinctly, the primary objective of the presentation is to define the concept of cross-cultural management, discuss the impact of cross-cultural management in global business operations, outline the potential challenges from cross-cultural management and their remedy, and suggest recommendations that the company can adopt to facilitate international business operations.


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