The Boy Who Wrote - Personal Experience Essay Sample

Published: 2017-07-14
The Boy Who Wrote - Personal Experience Essay Sample
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As an immigrant coming from Haiti, learning to speak the English language, using the English vocabulary correctly, and applying grammar structure correctly was a daunting task. However, my inspiration for writing came when I would write letters to my families` members residing in Haiti. Writing letters to my families in Haiti allows me to express my thoughts on being a foreigner in the United States, writing letters has also widen my genre of what forms of writing to writing family in Haiti, especially to my Aunt, and writing has given me a chance to express myself ways only I could understand.

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In my early years, my interpretation of writing was that of child who detested doing their chores, and as time continues, my love for writing never increased. However, my mentality changed when I couldn`t communicate with my aunty in Haiti anymore. In Haiti, electricity and phones were a rare luxury that a few people have access to, and my aunt wasn`t one of them. Writing was the next best way to communicate with her. Each letter I wrote to her inspired me to create little stories of my adventures in the United States, and hopefully my stories would remove from the depressing living conditions of Haiti.

At the beginning, my initial letters were simple responses to the conversation I had with my aunt; conversations that consisted of what I was doing, what she was doing, and both of us felt. Over time, I couldn`t spring up with any ideas on what to write to her, since all our conversations were monotone and repetitive. However, these changed when my aunt simply request to right her a story. With her request, I wrote her little stories and poems which sparks my interested in writing.

The first drafts to my stories were terrible. For example, when I would write little comedy stories hoping to crack a smile out of her; rather than focusing on the key jokes or puns of the story, I would emphasize on each character in full detail, and character development to the overall arc of the story. Even some of the poems I wrote loses its flow has each stanza goes by and I couldn`t connect the rhyming scheme of the stanza together. Although the situation seems hopeless at first, but things start to get better. In one of her follow up letters, she explains to me when facing any form of tribulations don`t give up but to rise above it, constantly practice, eventually you`ll become like Shakespeare.

As the years passed by, the skills I acquired introduce me to many other forms of writing. From Satire to Noir, my enthusiasm for writing only increase. During the tragedies of my life, only writing help me cope with my situation. For example, when I moved from the vibrant city of Miami to the isolated county life of Ocala; no one could of understand the pain and suffering I was going through. Visualize the agony of leaving my friends, my lifestyle, and my happiness behind. Only the pen and paper could understand these emotions, and eventually help me cope with the depression I was suffering with.

My inspiration for writing flourished as soon as I moved to the United States. Ever since I moved to the United States, writing was the only form of communication between my aunt and I, as well as, between myself and I. Without these inspiration, I wouldn`t develop the love I have for writing today.

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