Essay Sample on The Analysis of Ruth From the Play "A Raisin in the Sun."

Published: 2023-08-07
Essay Sample on The Analysis of Ruth From the Play "A Raisin in the Sun."
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Like the qualities a man would look for in a wife, Ruth has it all, and she is entirely the " wife material type." She is approximately in her late twenties, although she looks older, and she is described as pretty, kind, soft-spoken, and cautious with her approach to life. Ruth works as a house manager on a white settler's farm and does most of the family's house chores. She is Walter's wife, and they are blessed with a son, Travis. She is a responsible and a down to earth woman. Her relationship with Walter's mother and his family is remarkable and strikes a similar resemblance to that from the Bible stories of Ruth and Naomi. Ruth promises Mama to accompany her everywhere she goes, and she will treat her new family as if they were her own. However, hardly any information regarding her family has been mentioned in the story.

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Ruth has evolved throughout the story. She seems helpless and hopeless at the start of the story, with barely any purpose in life. As the play progresses, Ruth dreams of improving her life and that of her family and also hopes to mend her relationship with her husband. She has mixed emotions concerning the birth of her second at first, which she eventually brushes off and embraces that idea. With her optimistic character, she keeps her hopes high and manages to remain strong for the sake of her family. Her marriage seems to be going through a rough patch, but she tries her best to work on her friendship with Walter, although at first, it seems hopeless. She manages to keep her feelings under control despite Walter's constant neglect and more so, the abject poverty that crossed their family after her husband's business crumbled. This grants her the motivation to keep working to provide for her family.

In addition to Ruth's simple lifestyle, she seems to be a charming lady, and in some ways, it works for her. For instance, she manages to convince her son to bid her goodbye, although he was very mad and unwilling to do so himself. She also manages to warn Naomi to quit intruding into her personal family affairs with her husband. Ruth is hardly opinionated since she never went to school. However, to some extent, Ruth speaks up the most, thus powerfully conveying her feelings when Mama broke to her the sad news that they could not relocate into their new home. This was her point of strength, and she completely lost it on hearing the news. Amidst all their marriage and financial issues, Ruth never lost hope. This is quite an admirable character that ought to be emulated in today's society.

Ruth is an amicable person and gets along well with other characters in the story, like Beneatha. However, she is ashamed of an incident that happened when George walked in on an entertainment session involving both Walter and Beneatha. Ruth sincerely apologizes for their mischievous ways. Even though Ruth is in constant arguments with Mama, she relies upon her pieces of advice from her concerning how to bring up Travis properly. Ruth is also a good-hearted woman and wishes the best for everyone, as shown in the following instances; she highly respects everyone, including her mother-in-law. She is also a friend to Beneatha, without disregarding his studies and hobbies, which she views as meaningless. The people around her know her as a "settled woman" with minimal complications.

Ruth bears a true definition of the" Proverbs" woman. She is loving, hopeful, ambitious, hard-working, and above all, persevering. She raises her son and provides for her family despite the hardship she is going through. She even succeeds in saving her marriage. She is indeed a strong woman that every man would like to pick as a lifetime partner.

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