Tennis Versus Cricket - Sport Essay Example

Published: 2019-12-09
Tennis Versus Cricket - Sport Essay Example
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Both cricket and tennis games have similar historical origins. The two games, for example, are known to have originated during the Greeks, Egyptians and the Roman periods. Research shows that French monks played both the cricket and the tennis games when they were tender and before their developments were improved. It is known that in Europe, both the cricket and the tennis games were associated with more than 1800 indoor games in the 13th century (Altham & Ernest 37).

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It is known that the cricket dates back to late 16th century. It originated in the South-East England and became the nation's popular sport in the 18th century. Since that time, it has grown and become a global game. I is also origin reported that it lied in the Dark Ages and especially the Roman Empire, before England invasion by the Roman Empire. The researches which have been carried out agree that the game was derived from the widespread, old and uncomplicated pastime. On the other hand, the game of tennis is believed to have originated back in the period of the Egyptians, the Romans, and the Greeks. It is known that the game was played by these people and they were guided by the Arab formulated rules and regulations for playing the game (Altham & Ernest 65).

Furthermore, the cricket is believed to have been created during the Norman or the Saxon period as it was played by the children of that time. After the initiation of the game, the woodlands which were found in the region were cleared to allow for the match to be played smoothly. On the other hand, the tennis game is known to have originated from the real tennis or the royal tennis that was played by the royal families.

Both the game of cricket and the game of tennis have almost similar skills required for one to play them. When the game of tennis is associated with the innovative skills through the introduction of court and real tennis playing skills, the cricket game also has innovated skills which include the wicket, the overs and the how out. Even though both the cricket and tennis games have similar skills for playing, they also have varied skills. In a tennis game, timing is very significant and matters a lot when one aspires to win. In the cricket ball, the game only starts when the bowler delivers the ball towards the end pitch and the striker takes it towards the end pitch (Riess 45). On the other hand, the tennis players are required to have technical skills for breaking the tape in about 2.01 seconds so that they can smartly win.

Many people from different parts of the world consider cricket to be more popular to the tennis game and the market of cricket continuously grow. However, it is opposite in U.S. as many U.S. players love tennis to cricket. In U.S. many people love playing tennis compared to cricket since they tend to earn from playing tennis to playing cricket game. Thus, in U.S. the tennis ball has fanatical support, and in most cases, the winners get high pay than those of the cricket players (Noel 54). However, in other regions like the Middle East and the Europe, cricket game is more popular than tennis, and it is recognizable than the former. What is more, the cricket game has been reported to be invading Africa and is becoming stronger than the tennis game.

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