Paper Example on Technology's Impact on Knowledge Expansion in Space Exploration and Opera Music

Published: 2024-01-26
Paper Example on Technology's Impact on Knowledge Expansion in Space Exploration and Opera Music
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To what Extent Does Technology Expand or Limit Knowledge in Space Exploration and Opera Music?

Knowledge is significant in society because it enhances purpose. Also, the purpose of knowledge is action. People can use various multitudes in their pursuit for knowledge. For example, people can gain knowledge through understanding technology. Technology plays a significant role in everyday life. The advancements of technology have impacted individuals’ knowledge in disciplines, such as arts, science, history, mathematics, and religion. The two areas of knowledge that will be discussed in the paper to answer the question are science (space exploration) and arts (opera music). Regarding science, new discoveries in scientific explorations, especially in space technologies, have improved knowledge acquisition among scientists. Concerning music, artists have discovered new ways they can improve their performances, especially in their operatic vocals. The paper will answer the question; to what extent does technology expand in space exploration and opera music? The paper answers the question by using knowledge from various scholars that use their theory of knowledge to explain the issue. The two ways of knowing explored in the paper are sense perception and reason. These two ways of knowing influence the way technology may or may not develop their knowledge. Thus, in response to the topic, the whole point of knowledge is to provide meaning and purpose in space exploration and opera music. Based on the areas of knowledge of space exploration and music, it is agreeable that to an extent that technology expands people’s knowledge even though their sense perception and reason might convolute that knowledge.

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Ways Technology Expands Knowledge in Space Exploration

The area of knowledge of science, particularly in space explorations is connected to purpose. It is important to acknowledge how technology expands knowledge by finding purpose in space explorations. The International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) indicated that the first satellites, designed to study the space surroundings and test initial abilities in Earth orbit, contributed important understanding and talents for growing satellite telecommunications, worldwide positioning, and advances in climate forecasting (ISECG, 2013). Space exploration initiated the economic improvement of space that these days, year after year, promises high returns for invested funds in space (ISECG, 2013). The demanding situations of space exploration have sparked new medical and technological knowledge of inherent value to humankind, main to better understanding of our Universe and the solar system in which we live (ISECG, 2013). Knowledge, coupled with ingenuity, gives people around the globe with answers as well as beneficial services and products (ISECG, 2013). Information obtained from space exploration has also introduced new perspectives on our character and collective area inside the Universe (ISECG, 2013). Regarding technology and the expansion of knowledge, scientists have managed to discover new aspects that have expanded their knowledge as well as that of the wider community.

Space exploration has contributed to different discoveries such as solar panels, implantable heart monitors, cancer therapy, lightweight materials, waterpurification systems, improved computing systems, and the global searchandrescue system (ISECG, 2013). Based on the information provided by the ISECG, there is distinct evidence that space explorations have made scientists to establish purpose. Arguably, space exploration appears to be a driver to opening new knowledge in science and technology. Also, it can be argued that the technologies required for space explorations will expand knowledge on other space systems and services, which will, in turn, cause high performance. Scientists in the field of space exploration are purposeful because they strive to acquire knowledge on how space technologies will shed light on issues faced in the natural world. They take action to discover the various ways they can make the world a better place. To answer the question, technology expands knowledge on science to the extent that it allows scientist to make discoveries that change the world today and in the future.

In the quest to finding knowledge and purpose in space explorations, there are several challenges that may inhibit that knowledge. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), an independent American organization for civil space technologies, indicated that there several challenges in space technology that might inhibit knowledge on space explorations (, n.d). Even though NASA improves knowledge and delivers new space capabilities altogether, various challenges exist (, n.d). The challenges are focused on three themes that include (1) expansion of human presence in space, (2) management of in-space resources, and (3) enable transformational space exploration and scientific discovery (, n.d). These challenges aim to address the future of space exploration and technology needs (, n.d). Also, the organization indicated that the ability to travel in space easy entry, decent, and landing (, n.d). From the organization’s perspective, there is the need for more technologies to ease entry, descent, and landing in space. There is no doubt that NASA already knows the limitless opportunities that space technologies offer regarding knowledge expansion. The organization mentioned that even though the scientists touring space need to satisfy their curiosity, they need specialized technological tools that would help them explore the Earth (, n.d). Such a statement is undeniable proof that space exploration technologies would help in improving knowledge. Also, the statement implies that NASA does not need to go to space to acquire knowledge just for the sake of it, but to help in establishing purpose of solving world problems. To answer the question, technology expands knowledge on science to the extent it allows for new discoveries in the world.

Ways Technology Expands Knowledge in Opera Music

The area of knowledge of arts, particularly opera music, is connected to purpose. Through advances in technology, music lovers gain new knowledge in opera music. Pernelet (2015) indicated that evolutions in digital technology, such as streaming services lie YouTube and ITunes, Dailymotion, and Vimeo, gives users the opportunity to access a wide array of opera music online. Such streaming services have enhanced visibility and give audiences access to archived footage where they enhance their knowledge and enrich the heritage of opera music (Pernelet, 2015). All kinds of information available online provide one form of knowledge to another (Pernelet, 2015). Furthermore, Tepper and Hargittai (2009) also asserted that through technology, young people can find music that is new to them. New technology, without a doubt, plays a significant role in the exploration of opera music. People who love listening to the type of music and those who would wish to know more about the music can easily find the information online through multiple channels. Technology helps people to not only consume content but also produce it. Through technology, knowledge is now available to everyone and they can do what they wish that knowledge such as appropriate, remove it from its original context, and change it to their desired context. To answer the question of to what extent technology expands knowledge in the arts area of opera music, the answer is that people find purpose in technology, and it enables them advance their practice in opera music.

Technology has also expanded knowledge as opera singers can now increase their vocal power. Unander-Scharin et al. (2014) talked about the vocal chorder, one of the instruments brought about technology, that helps opera singers to get more power in their performance. The authors indicated that opera singers who have used the instrument reported affirmatively as they stated that it improved their interactions during performances. Opera composers have come a long way, with respect to their operatic vocals. Unander-Scharin et al. (2014) indicated that the specific ways of using operatic voices have evolved with the repertory and the orchestra. As the author added further, composers have continuously examined ways to learn the human voice, and make use of instruments that would enhance the singer’s expressivity and create unique artworks (Unander-Scharin et al., 2014). Seemingly, composers took action to pursue knowledge on ways they can enhance their performances. Without technology, there is no doubt the vocal chorder instrument would remain undiscovered.


In my experience, technology has enhanced my knowledge on the different available aspects of science exploration and opera music. For example, I have watched several YouTube videos on space explorations and how scientists are working to discover various elements such as satellites that would help improve global communications. It is beyond doubt that space technologies have done more than increasing our knowledge. Every day, we learn about the earth’s atmosphere through knowledge. In my quest to find knowledge on new scientific explorations, I take action by going on YouTube to watch NASA videos that talk about the discoveries they have made.

As a music lover, specifically opera, I can attest that digital technologies have expanded my knowledge on various elements of the music. Also, I have become more knowledgeable on various artists from history, such as Wolfgang and Rossini. Technology, without a doubt, keeps opera music alive in the contemporary world. Also, through technology, it is distinctive that opera singers can make their voices more powerful during their performances. Without technology, opera singers could not know that there is an equipment, which could make their voices more powerful. Such as scenario shows that technology enthusiast took action to find ways that opera singer could enhance their voices.


Overall, the quest for knowledge on space exploration and opera music technologies is far from over. Based on the essay, my belief is that technology expands knowledge in space exploration and opera to some extent. Through technology, people can acquire a significant amount of understanding in the new space technologies. The authors discussed in the paper offer insights on the topic based on their theory of knowledge. By examining both sides of the arguments, however, I hold on to my belief that technology expands knowledge in scientific explorations and opera music. A conclusion drawn from the knowledge inquiry is that both space exploration and opera change individuals’ perceptions of the world. It is arguable that the belief, which technology expands or limits knowledge regarding scientific and art areas of knowledge depends on an individual’s perception and reason. On the one hand, for other people, their technology can make them be more knowledgeable about space explorations and music. On the other hand, other individuals may perceive that technology limits their knowledge of space explorations and opera music as when new advancements are discovered, it changes their perception of previous science and art explorations. Individuals should understand that technology is condensed in society. Due to that, they should make use of the available technological advancement to expand their knowledge in areas such as space exploration and opera music.

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