Essay Sample on Technology in Education: Good or Bad

Published: 2022-11-02
Essay Sample on Technology in Education: Good or Bad
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Technology is one of the things which has been noted to improve the education sector. It is ushers fundamental structural changes which are integral in achieving significant improvements in productivity. Technology has for a long time been used to support both learning and teaching based on the manner in which it infuses classroom activities with digital tools. Examples of such digital tools include computers, and the handheld tools that make learning more enjoyable and exciting. Technology, therefore, if well used has the potential of improving our lives. Looking at the article by Adam Hunter, it is explicit that the manner in which technology is used presents a false future to the younger generation. Even though the article describes the advancements technology has made such as the emails, laptops, and other issues like instant messaging to mention but a few, it is clear that Adam Hunter is interested with the way in which the learners are making use of the advancements and if there exist any long-term benefit. The paper is, therefore, informed by Adam's Essay, "Teaching with Tech: Does it Work?" and will play a pivotal role in determining whether technology in education is good or bad.

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The article recognizes through a case of Don Leyes, a college teacher who had taught for two decades and an Assistant Professor of Speech at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey that students find it much easier to use technology in class presentations. They are also able to find information from the Web with less constraint and believe that they are doing well but that is not the case. Comparison to their manner of acquiring information has been made to some years back when students had to do extensive research manually to find and record information, and by taking the arduous process, it was easy for them to acquire genuine information and have a deeper understanding of what they researched. With the infusion of technology into education, students or learners are only able to acquire the information much faster and easier but may not have a deeper understanding of the information researched. The usage of laptops for note taking has also been discussed to interfere with the learning process. The interference is based on the fact that some students may consider note-taking as an option and resort to instant messaging or even take on some games. The article has extensively tackled the manner in which technology interferes with learning while backing the information with examples deduced from other universities and colleges and the people involved, for example, the case of the teacher and the students to mention but a few.

I agree with the argument about the improvements that technology has made in revolutionizing the education sector, but I also approve the concerns given by Adam Hunter in the article. Technology is only beneficial if used effectively but that may not be applicable in the case of students. Students prefer having the easy way of doing things and technology comes in handy. It thus contributes to a more significant extent in bringing classroom distractions. For example the given case of the laptop for note-taking. It is nearly impossible for a student with a laptop to concentrate on note-taking alone; they may opt for other enjoyable activities like playing games or the already mentioned case of instant messaging on their laptops.


The article recognizes the potential that technology has in improving the education sector only if used well by both the learners and the students. It has, however, given a deeper insight on how many learners misuse it, an issue which has been justified with my comment in the second last paragraph about technology bringing about distractions in the classroom hence bad if not used well.

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