Paper Example of Annotated Bibliography on Minimum Wage Debate

Published: 2022-12-26
Paper Example of Annotated Bibliography on Minimum Wage Debate
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Karp, Gregory. "Minimum-Wage Debate Rages On." 02 February. 2014. Web. 19. Oct. 2014.

Gregory Karp uses quotes from Robert Bruno to discuss the negative impacts of a job due to a rise in the minimum wage. The author also relates his discussion with other studies which are focused on showing how a reduction in the job entry levels might lead to an increase in minimum wage. Karp also uses numerous reliable sources to analyses the effect of an increase in high wage on business owners especially in reducing payrolls. Through the use of extensive research approach, the Gregory claims that the approach applied by business owners is the source of deterioration in the living wages as most workers are not adequately compensated as well as fails to get adequate employment insurance cost. The article further quotes that the rise in the minimum wage can lead to the creation of more dollars because a lot of money will be available for workers to spend. Overall, I believe that the author's credibility is enough to give readers insight and adequate information for further studies.

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Barbara, Mantel. "Minimum Wage: Would Raising the Rate Be Good For the Economy?" 24.4 (24 January.2014.) CQ Researcher. Web. 30 Sep.2014.

The author of this article begins by quoting the opinion of Bernstein about issues of the minimum wage. Bernstein argues that the rise in minimum is beneficial when dealing with certain levels of living standards. It creates a rationale that binds both the employers and the employees together for a stable mishit. The author further states that extra dollars which are being earned by the rich are less to be used as compared to the one earned by the poor. Mental also points out that an increase in minimum wage would not lead to loss of employment because it would only 13 percent of the workforce will be affected. He examined that an increase in minimum wage would benefit the low-wage workers as well as the economy through spending new earnings for the growth purposes. The article equips novice readers with expansive knowledge about the significance of proper use of minimum wages for the success of the nation.

Gorry. Aspen. Nataraj Slavav. Sita. "Minimum Wage, Maximum Harm" US News & World Report. 01 May. 2014 Web. 21 Oct. 2014.

In this article, the author uses a lot of accurate statistics from different sources to discuss the effects of minimum wages. For instance, the author argues that according to CBO, a rise in the minimum wage on a given dollar within a specific time frame may interfere with the nation's economy as well as job acquisition. Similarly, it will lead to an increase in the wages among workers who keep the jobs to lift a significant number of people from poverty. Notably, the controversial CBO report also reveals that the opponents of minimum wages only focuses on reducing poverty as opposed to highlighting lost jobs. However, job losses can exclusively be concentrated on young workers who still have many years to serve. The use of Nataraj and Gorry in the research development seem like reliable sources because of their vast knowledge Economy; however, in depth discussion about the effect of job loss among young workers was not adequately addressed.

Harris. Benjamin H. and Kearney. Melissa S "The Ripple Effect of a Minimum Wage Increase on American Workers." 10 Jan. 2014 Web. 21 Oct. 2014.

Benjamin H Harris uses this article to explain the impact of minimum wage on low waged workers. In this article, the authors, Harris and Kearney, use economist Arin Dube argument on the effects of minimum wages on teenagers. In Dube argument, he states that those who earn less than $7.25 of the federal minimum wage in 2011 as compared to previous years were teenagers. O the other hand, those who make less than $10 per hour, which approximated 12 percent were, teenagers. This shows that wage payment among workers fluctuates depending on the amount of time they are supposed to work with a given state. Harris and Kearney also focus on the individuals who can be affected by the rise of the minimum wage. Overall, the article seems legit due to adequate data the researchers can use for their future studies on minimum wage.

Wee. Heesun "What the Minimum Wage Fight Says about the Economy." 28. Feb. 2014 Web. 21. Oct. 2014.

Heesun Wee argues in her article that if the entire nation is not so tragic it may be rendered comic- the relationship between social classes in a given country determines the living standards. Heesun further argues that the life of an unskilled worker depends on the effort he or she makes in his or her duties. Through other studies, the author ascertains that an increase in minimum wage has not to impact on the on hiring workers. Besides, it increases the workers' skills in craftsmanship for innovation as well as the creation of new products. The author also argues that people are devoted to their work over the years to earn more than the minimum wage are the ones who most affected. Overall, Heesun has excellent sources that are necessary for readers to develop real insight into living wages in their areas of jurisdiction.

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